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Humans Use 'BoarCurling' to Rescue Wild Boars From Slippery Frozen Lake

Shaunacy Ferro

And you thought curling was boring.

Watch an Entire Earth Day Pass By in 12 (Breathtaking) Seconds

Shaunacy Ferro

See every sunrise and sunset in the blink of an eye.

The American Library Association is Reissuing David Bowie’s Iconic ‘READ’ Poster

Anna Green

In addition to being a beloved musician, artist, and actor, David Bowie was also an avid reader.

8 "Fake It ‘Til You Make It" Strategies Backed by Science

Amanda McCorquodale

Fool your mind, and the rest will follow.

A Vertical Cemetery for Cities Running Out of Room for Their Dead

Shaunacy Ferro

The world doesn't have room for sprawling, grassy graveyards anymore.

The Playing Cards That Help Solve Cold-Case Crimes

Shaunacy Ferro

In 2007, a game of Go Fish helped solve a three-year-old murder case.

Vultures With Cameras Highlight Lima's Growing Trash Problem

Kirstin Fawcett

Because Lima has only four landfills for 10 million people, one-fifth of its waste ends up in illegal dumps.

This Mesmerizing Contraption Generates Gigantic Bubbles

Rebecca OConnell

These aren't your everyday bubbles.

Eerie Portraits Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch Paintings

Kirstin Fawcett

Photographer Lori Pond was so fascinated by the details in Bosch's paintings that she recreated them as a new series, Bosch Redux.

The Gun-Loving Boy Scouts of the Early 20th Century

Alex Palmer

100 years ago, a competing version of the Boy Scouts of America drove its rival crazy—when its members weren’t shooting each other.

Conservationists Found a Hidden Population of 200 Lions in Ethiopia

Kirstin Fawcett

The new discovery suggests that the vulnerable species might be more plentiful than scientists had previously thought.

How Much Time Do We Actually Spend Working at Work?

Shaunacy Ferro

Let’s not pretend we’re all working eight hours a day.

25 Outsized Facts About Rhode Island

Shaunacy Ferro

Learn more about the home of sideburns, the shopping mall, and 384 miles of shoreline.

How A Misjudged Act Of Piracy (And A Pig’s Snout) Give The Currency Of Tonga Its Name

Paul Anthony Jones

Many of the world’s currencies take their names from fairly predictable origins—like weights and measures or precious metals, for example—but the currency of Tonga, the pa‘anga, has a rather unusual h

Dutch Police are Training Eagles to Pluck Drones From the Sky

Rebecca OConnell

Unwanted drones don't stand a chance against these birds.