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13 Mysterious Facts About ‘The Maltese Falcon’

Eric D Snider

The Bogie classic became a prototype for the genre of hardboiled detectives, femmes fatales, and carefully placed shadows.

How Do Birds Know How to Migrate?

Shaunacy Ferro

Sometimes, they follow their noses.

This Woman Knits Blankets with Super-Sized Yarn and Her Bare Hands

Michele Debczak

Anna Marinenko is redefining the chunky knit.

Amelia Earhart's Lost Plane Spotted in a 1936 Film

Caitlin Schneider

Nearly 80 years after the disappearance, the plane was discovered in an unexpected place.

12 Lesser-Known Historical Friendships

Meredith Danko

The founder of gonzo journalism and a conservative political advisor. A Nobel Prize-winning playwright and one of the most famous French wrestlers of all time.

Watch This Supercut of the Most Evil Smiles in Film History

Anna Green

Sometimes the creepiest thing a movie villain can do is smile.

These Japanese Snacks Are Safe For Both You and Your Cat

Andrew LaSane

Neco Meshi snacks are specifically formulated so that humans and cats can safely dine together.

Check Out 10 Stunning Images From the Smithsonian's 2015 Photo Contest

Rebecca OConnell

Vote for your favorite!

5 Questions: Guitar Parts

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11 Tips for Taking Purrfect Cat Pics From a Professional Feline Photographer

Kirstin Fawcett

One of the world's most renowned cat photographers, Larry Johnson, tells you how to take top-notch pictures of a feline.

This Smart Toothbrush Tracks Its Location In Your Mouth

Michele Debczak

The Oral-B Genius works together with your smartphone's camera.

Morning Cup of Links: The Most Human Robot Yet

Miss Cellania

Awesome links to start your web surfing for the day!

The Story Behind Atari's Infamous 'E.T.' Video Game

Anna Green

how did Atari end up creating a video game that was so monumentally unpopular?

The 4 Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Kujimax,' 'Big Kids,' and more.

Infographic: Sex in the World of Shakespeare

Kirstin Fawcett

Here's what your high school English teacher didn't teach you.