The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Deep Dark Fears,' 'Secret Coders,' and more.

Monkeys See Optical Illusions Too

Shaunacy Ferro

Does the circle on the left look smaller?

6 Early Boxing Women Who Could Kick Your Ass

Erin Blakemore

Ronda Rousey is among the fastest and most brutal fighters boxing and mixed martial arts has ever seen—but she’s not the only woman who’s made it in the boxing ring.

The Missing Links: A Statistical Analysis of Bob Ross

Colin Patrick

New Keurig Machine Makes Soda Out of Pods

Michele Debczak

Keurig Kold serves up Coke, Dr. Pepper and other chilled soft drinks.

How Much Personal Data are You Willing to Share? This Art Installation Tests the Limits

Anna Green

Fun in exchange for personal data.

7 Places Blackbeard’s Gold Could’ve Been Stashed

New Artifacts Discovered From 170-Year-Old Shipwreck

Shaunacy Ferro

In 1845, two English ships exploring the Canadian Arctic disappeared without a trace.

The Answer Starts With 'F'

There's your hint.

Beards Keep You Healthy and Handsome, According to Science

Michele Debczak

One study supports what beard enthusiasts may have suspected all along.

Map of Literature Traces the Geography of Reading Since Ancient Times

Shaunacy Ferro

Let's go visit the Sea of Librarians. Or would you prefer the Sonnet Sea?

14 Freshly Baked Facts About Panera Bread

Emily Becker

Yes, we know some of you call it Saint Louis Bread Co.

Google is Bringing Free Virtual Reality Field Trips to Schools

Michele Debczak

Students now have the chance to visit China, Mexico, and even Mars without ever leaving the classroom.

Time for Some Mental Hygiene: It's the mental_floss Weekly Puzzle

This week, it's up to you to figure out the hue of Professor Black's hair.

Captain Morgan Helps Hips in the Emergency Room

Kate Horowitz

It's more effective than it sounds.