Morning Cup of Links


15 Freaky ‘Resident Evil’ Facts for Your Inventory

Janet Burns

Between stockpiling typewriter ribbons and rationing your ammo, though, there are a few facts about the nightmarish game’s early years that might have stayed buried until now.

Explore 30,000 Years of African Rock Art

Jen Pinkowski

The British Museum has digitized gorgeous images of rock art from across the continent.

Striking Photos From Soviet History

Shaunacy Ferro

An exhibition in Moscow documents changes in visual culture through the Soviet Union's dominant photography magazine.

July 1, 1979: Sony's Walkman Changes Recorded History

Jake Rossen

How Superman, summer vacation, and classical music created a phenomenon.

Morning Cup of Links: Lord of the Rings Trivia

Miss Cellania

15 Fun Facts About 'Hackers'

Joy Lanzendorfer

How Do Animals Laugh?

Shaunacy Ferro

Your dog is laughing, you just couldn't tell.

11 Interesting Facts About Being on the Service Staff at the White House

David W Brown

'The Residence' is a mesmerizing history of America from the service staff’s heretofore untold point of view.

Draw Your Own Aquarium

Rebecca OConnell

Doodle whatever creatures you like, then watch them swim around.

Evolutionary Arms Race Between Plants and Caterpillars Created Mustard

Hannah Keyser

This Video Makes Earth Seem Impossibly Tiny

Caitlin Schneider

And is a gorgeous reminder that you are not the center of the universe.

A Brief History of Poutine

Sean Hutchinson

Walk down a street after a hard night of drinking in Montréal and you’d be hard-pressed not seeing someone gorging themselves on poutine, a high-calorie classic staple of Québécois casse-croûtes—or “g

What Exactly Is Canada Day?

Miss Cellania

Here's how to celebrate.

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July

Hannah Keyser

Get ready to celebrate a month full of quirky holidays—not just Independence Day—in classic summer style.

How a Lying Plant Steals from a Thieving Fly

Matt Soniak

The smearwort (Aristolochia rotunda) dupes fruit flies into entering its flowers and then traps them there, getting pollinated without offering any reward.