The Answer Starts With 'F'

There's your hint.

Beards Keep You Healthy and Handsome, According to Science

Michele Debczak

One study supports what beard enthusiasts may have suspected all along.

Map of Literature Traces the Geography of Reading Since Ancient Times

Shaunacy Ferro

Let's go visit the Sea of Librarians. Or would you prefer the Sonnet Sea?

14 Freshly Baked Facts About Panera Bread

Emily Becker

Yes, we know some of you call it Saint Louis Bread Co.

Google is Bringing Free Virtual Reality Field Trips to Schools

Michele Debczak

Students now have the chance to visit China, Mexico, and even Mars without ever leaving the classroom.

Time for Some Mental Hygiene: It's the mental_floss Weekly Puzzle

This week, it's up to you to figure out the hue of Professor Black's hair.

Captain Morgan Helps Hips in the Emergency Room

Kate Horowitz

It's more effective than it sounds.

16 Unquestionable Facts About 'Who's the Boss?'

Roger Cormier

The only thing we can't definitively answer about this beloved '80s sitcom is who's the boss. (Though Alyssa Milano has a guess.)

Morning Cup of Links: Canceled Cult Shows

Miss Cellania

Great links to start the day!

What’s the Difference Between an Alligator and a Crocodile?

Rebecca OConnell

To the untrained eye, both look like prehistoric swamp lizards, but there are some tricks you can use so you don’t make a faux pas the next time you’re in Florida.

The Creative Flowchart Used by Walt Disney

Michele Debczak

This chart offers a fascinating look at how the studio functioned during its early years.

Mathematician Shows How to Make Any Shape From a Single Cut

Caitlin Schneider

A piece of paper, a pair of scissors, and a question in a pub inspired this mathematician to have fun with a theorem.

The Answers to 10 Tricky Job Interview Questions

Michele Debczak

How many piano tuners are there in the city of Chicago?

Indian Classical Musicians Release ‘Harry Potter’ Tribute

Anna Green

"Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore

Take Perfect Dog Selfies With This Genius Smartphone Attachment

Andrew LaSane

A simple device that tricks your dog into sitting still for a photo.