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Morning Cup of Links


Archaeologists Need Your Help to Study 100+ Graves in Philadelphia

Jen Pinkowski

With enough funding, they will analyze—and then reinter—the remains of people buried between 1707 and 1859 in a Baptist cemetery—and mental_floss will be in the lab with them.

The Fascinating Origins of 12 Beautiful Flower Names

John Kelly

With spring in bloom, let’s stop and smell the etymological roses.

Did Tracey Ullman Get Rich Off ‘The Simpsons’?

Jennifer M Wood

Springfield’s most beloved family didn’t start out with their own network show.

Color Your Way Through Air Pollution With a Climate Change Coloring Book

Shaunacy Ferro

Brian Foo's coloring book illustrates data on how climate change is altering the planet.

Study Sheds Light on Why Salty Snacks Are So Addictive

Michele Debczak

Salty food doesn't make you thirsty, but it might make you hungry.

How Often You Should Do 12 Household Chores

Danielle Braff

If you stay on top of your weekly and monthly chores, keeping your home fresh and tidy will be a much more manageable feat.

Freezer Malfunction Melts Precious Arctic Ice Samples

Kate Horowitz

“I’ve had better days, let’s say that.”

Why Does the Queen Have Two Birthdays?

Hannah Keyser

It's good to be the Queen.

New 'Super-Earth' Exoplanet May Have Water—and Life

David W Brown

The planet resides in its star’s habitable zone, the slim "Goldilocks" orbit at which water can exist as a stable liquid.

5 Very Early Stories About American Women and Voting

Jocelyn Sears

During colonial times and in the earliest days of the U.S., a small number of women managed to vote despite circumstances stacked against them.

'Star Wars' Fan Builds a Millennium Falcon-Inspired Theater for His Kids

Kirstin Fawcett

The ceiling contains a built-in frame to support a tablet.

Yosemite Falls Has Been Revived By the Drought-Ending Winter

Michele Debczak

The falls are the fullest they've been in years.

Don't Miss Out on Wednesday's Great Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

8 U.S. City Names That Might Have Been

Paul Anthony Jones

Let's be glad the name "Pig's Eye, Minnesota" didn't stick.

Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show the Value of Studying Both Sexes

Kate Horowitz

A new study refutes the longstanding scientific assumption that studying female physiology is a waste of time.