Morning Cup of Links


A New Crayfish Species Is Named After Edward Snowden

Hannah Keyser

A new crayfish species is named for the NSA whistleblower.

A 500-Year-Old Royal Murder Mystery May Soon Be Solved

Michele Debczak

This historian thinks she can solve one of Britain's most infamous murder cases.

This Gorgeous Console Combines Arcade Games with 'Battleship'

Michele Debczak

Go head to head with a friend on this retro-inspired gaming console.

14 Swashbuckling Facts About 'Treasure Island'

Jeff Wells

This coming-of-age story featuring swaggering pirates, sea battles, and a quest for buried treasure is one of the most enduring adventure tales of all time.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Zodiac Starforce,' 'Snowden,' and more.

Early Trains Were Thought to Make Women’s Uteruses Fly Out

Janet Burns

Hold on to your uterus!

Pick the Correct Lyrics to Fill in the Blank

Take the quiz!

The Newest Frontier in Final Resting Places: The Moon

Caitlin Schneider

Only 12 people have walked on the moon, but you can spend all of eternity there.

Short Stories Created With Example Sentences From Dictionaries

Rebecca OConnell

Designer Jez Burrows strings together example sentences from dictionaries to create beautiful short stories.

Canadian Sculptor Builds Giant Metallic Dragons and Eagles

Rebecca OConnell

British Columbia-based artist Kevin Stone creates larger-than-life steel sculptures of animals, both real and mythical.

7 Historical Bans on Smoking

Ethan Trex

Opposition to smoking has been around almost as long as smoking itself, and some of the historical measures to curb lighting up might surprise you.

The Vintage Map for Your Next All-American Road Trip

Michele Debczak

A glimpse at how road trips were planned in the pre-Internet age.

The Missing Links: How to Avoid Poisoning Your Dog

Colin Patrick

The People of Texel Island are Professional Beachcombers

Anna Green

If you’ve ever tossed a message in a bottle into the ocean from anywhere in Northern Europe, it’s likely it ended up on Texel Island.

10 Names the Seven Dwarves Could Have Had

Stacy Conradt

There have been numerous jokes over the years as to what Snow White's sidekicks should have been named, but these were really options!