Brain Game

The Big Drawback

Brain Game

The Big Drawback

Sponsored by Garfunkel and Oates

7 Best Friends Who Shared Incredible Secrets

Sponsored by Garfunkel and Oates

7 Best Friends Who Shared Incredible Secrets


7 New Robots Designed to Do Human Jobs

Jessica Hullinger

Will your job be taken by a robot?

9 Odd Demands on the Riders of Comedians

Roger Cormier

Comedy stars have asked for some strange things before their shows.

Meet Asia’s Saber-Toothed Deer

Mark Mancini

The Story of Class Struggle, America's Most Popular Marxist Board Game

Keith Plocek

Released in 1978, a socialist alternative to Monopoly sold over 200,000 copies and was translated into multiple languages.

Flowers Opening in Timelapse

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Perverted!

Sandy Wood

19 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Beethoven

Gili Malinsky

Why Do We Count Sheep?

the mag

How to Thrive For a Month Out of Your Backpack

Where to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower

the mag

As the comet Swift-Tuttle sweeps around the sun, it leaves a trail of icy meteoroids in its wake. The result? An August full of shooting stars.

Morning Cup of Links: Remembering Robin Williams

Miss Cellania

Scientists Created a Water Tractor Beam

Jessica Hullinger

Tractor beams have long been a science fiction fantasy—a magical force that attracts objects from a distance, like an alien’s spaceship sucking up its earthling specimens. We're getting there.

11 Fictional Wars and Why They're Being Fought

David W Brown

RIP, Robin Williams

Alvin Ward

Christopher Reeve presents his former Juilliard roommate Robin Williams a People's Choice Award in 1979.

11 Historical Artifacts You Can Own...For A Price

Hannah Keyser

For history buffs who won't settle for a trip to the museum or a good book, the Internet offers a treasure trove of artifacts you can own—if you've got significant money to spend.