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This New ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Might Blow Your Mind

Jennifer M Wood

This changes everything.

10 Earth Day Celebrations Around the World

Miss Cellania

Join in the events on April 22!

6 Creative Recycling Efforts From Around the Globe

Kirstin Fawcett

This Earth Day, get inspired to think outside the plastic bin.

The 12 Most Interesting Comics Released in April

Rich Barrett

The Fascinating and Miniature World of Bonsai Trees

Mental Floss Studios

Each Bonsai Tree Tells a Story

'Wet Hot American Summer' Is Becoming a Role-Playing Game

Shaunacy Ferro

Grab your cutoffs and get ready to role play, campers.

14 Deep Facts About ‘Valley of the Dolls’

Garin Pirnia

The campy, so-bad-it's-good classic is turning 50 years old this year.

These New Earplugs Are Like a Volume Button for the World Around You

Kirstin Fawcett

Hear what you want, when you want.

How Thomas Edison Jr. Shamed the Family Name

Jake Rossen

Asked to evaluate his son's abilities as an intellectual, the elder Edison said that he was, "absolutely illiterate, scientifically and otherwise.”

Watch David Lynch's (Mostly Straightforward) Weather Reports

Shaunacy Ferro

In the 2000s, he posted near-daily videos of himself describing the weather in L.A.

10 Spectacular National Parks Seen From Space

Get an astronaut's-eye-view of some of the U.S.'s most breathtaking parks.

Social Media Can Push Runners to Improve Their Performance

Michele Debczak

Sometimes peer pressure works in our favor.

Nintendo May Release an SNES Classic

Jake Rossen

Nintendo may soon have you refreshing Amazon sales pages again.

Why Are Dairy Queen Blizzards Served Upside Down?

Jake Rossen

You can thank a cranky custard store owner and an annoying 14-year-old for this "tradition."