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11 Actors Who Asked for Their Characters to Be Killed Off

Rudie Obias

Spoiler: They didn’t always get their wish.

Step-Counting App Tracks Your Progress in the World of 'Super Mario Bros.'

Nick Greene

See how close your daily walking habits get you to rescuing the princess.

Watch an iPad-Tapping Robot Shatter the 'Piano Tiles' Record

Michele Debczak

This mechanism puts human fingers to shame.

Music Streaming Might Actually Be Helping Vinyl Sales

Caitlin Schneider

A new poll suggests that online streaming services might be helping record sales, but that doesn't mean consumers are actually listening.

15 Ways to Upgrade your Tabletop Games

Stacy Conradt

Toss the cardboard tiles and plastic tokens and add a little extra realism to your game night.

Use This Inflatable Furniture to Build a Floating Island

Anna Green

For the ultimate pool party.

The Lighthouse Featured on Connecticut License Plates Can Be (Partially) Yours

Andrew LaSane

The buyer of this home will share ownership of the lighthouse with the Coast Guard.

Watch a POV Video of a LEGO Train Move Around a House and Garden

Rebecca OConnell

Choo choo!

5 Questions: Happy "Ann"iversary

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Morning Cup of Links: Remembering Deadpool’s Replacement

Miss Cellania

Get your day started with these great links!

Infographic Gives a Brief History of Literary Pseudonyms

Kirstin Fawcett

Find out which of your favorite authors adopted a nom de plume—and in some cases, why they did it.

15 Smart Gifts for the Teacher in Your Life

Rebecca OConnell

May 3 is National Teacher Appreciation Day, so celebrate by getting a gift for the educator in your life.

You Can Buy the Midcentury Furniture From the Four Seasons This Summer

Shaunacy Ferro

The landmarked interior space, established in 1959, will be getting a new restaurant, but you can take home pieces of the old one.

11 Simple Budgeting Rules That Work

Presented by Allstate.

How Irina Margareta Nistor Introduced Sylvester Stallone to Communist Romania

Kristin Hunt

She was the most famous woman in Romania during the 1980s, but no one had ever seen her face.