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Listen to 10 Famous Presidential Speeches From History

Shaunacy Ferro

Listen to inaugural addresses and other speeches from each president since John F. Kennedy.

Morning Cup of Links: Celebrating President's Day

Miss Cellania

Get your week started with these great links!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ansel Adams

Ethan Trex

There was a lot more to the photographer than his iconic vistas.

This Guy Holds a Lot of Records!

Mental Floss Studios

When it comes to being the first, Omero Catan is No. 1.

5 Questions: Peter Brown

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15 Words With Origins So Obvious You Never Noticed Them

John Kelly

The origins of these words are hiding right under your nose.

Watch Technologists Get Excited About CDs in 1982

Chris Higgins

"There's no needle...that information is being read by a laser light!"

Eat Like a Commander-in-Chief: 15 President-Approved Recipes

Erin McCarthy

'The Presidents’ Cookbook' includes not just recipes, but everything you could ever want to know about how chief executives up to Lyndon B. Johnson entertained.

Help Digitize History by Transcribing World War I-Era Love Letters

Michele Debczak

Postcards, poems, and song lyrics are waiting to be transcribed.

12 Favorite Haunts of the Founding Fathers You Can Still Visit Today

Stephanie Vermillion

Grab a beer at Philadelphia's City Tavern, just like George Washington.

Beautiful Portraits from Ellis Island

Mental Floss Studios

Augustus Sherman spent more than two decades photographing the immigrants he saw every day during his duties as a registry clerk at Ellis Island.

How Many Ways Can You Sort a Deck of Cards?

Chris Higgins

More ways than there are atoms on Earth. But why?

This Week's Best Amazon Deals You Can Still Get

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

'Spy in the Wild' Blooper Reel Features Adorable Filming Fails

Kirstin Fawcett

Nature is unpredictable, and occasionally funny.

Name the First Word of Each Song Title

Take the quiz!