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Author Jami Attenberg on What It Means to Be an Adult

Mental Floss Studios

What does it mean to be an adult? That’s the question author Jami Attenberg asks in her latest novel, 'All Grown Up.'

See the Process of Cell Division Up Close With This Timelapse of a Tadpole Egg

Kirstin Fawcett

Life is pretty cool, even at a cellular level.

5 Questions: "Hi" in the Middle

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8 Slang Terms from 'The Breakfast Club,' Decoded

Angela Tung

The events in 'The Breakfast Club' took place on this date in 1984.

6 Early Boxing Women Who Could Kick Your Ass

Erin Blakemore

Ronda Rousey is among the fastest and most brutal fighters boxing and mixed martial arts has ever seen—but she’s not the only woman who’s made it in the boxing ring.

Why Polar Bears Would Make Great Spies

Mental Floss Studios

It's not just white fur in the snow that makes polar bears hard to spot—they're also blessed with nature's invisibility cloak.

Costco Launches New Home Delivery Service

Kirstin Fawcett

The service, available through a partnership with Shipt, will launch in Tampa, Florida.

11 Forgotten but Important Moments in Women's History

Suzanne Raga

America's first female mayor may have been nominated as a prank, but her win paved the way for other women to hold office.

When Do We Reach Peak Life Satisfaction? And Peak Math Skills?

Shaunacy Ferro

Young people can run marathons faster, but data shows that older really is wiser in some ways.

Aerospace Company Wants to Fight Hunger With Edible Drones

Michele Debczak

Honeycomb, vegetables, and salami are used to build the aircraft.

Could Fire Be Good for Wild Ecosystems?

Kate Horowitz

Scientists are still trying to figure out the complex relationship between wildfires and biodiversity.

DNA Copying Errors Could Be the Most Common Cause of Cancer

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say the majority of cancer-causing mutations may be the result of errors created in the DNA replication process, not of environmental factors or heredity.

12 Unusual Drive-Through Services

Rudie Obias

They offer everything but fries.

Spacewreck: The 'Captain EO' Story

Jake Rossen

A farting elephant puppet, cost overruns, and complex effects nearly sunk Disney's Michael Jackson attraction.

Beat Writer's Block With Lin-Manuel Miranda's New Spotify Playlist

Kirstin Fawcett

It's called "Write Your Way Out,” and features a variety of literary-themed tunes.