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WWI Centennial

To the Cliff's Edge

WWI Centennial

To the Cliff's Edge


10 Weird Resuscitation Techniques From 200 Years Ago

David Casarett

Back then, techniques of bringing back the dead were far less effective. And much more bizarre.

10 Thundering Facts About Apatosaurus (aka: “The Not-Brontosaurus”)

Mark Mancini

Apatosaurus suffers from an identity crisis of epic proportions. Even today, many people only know this amazing animal as the Brontosaurus, a name that was discarded 111 years ago.

The New Faces of Rosie the Riveter

Miss Cellania

25 Vintage Photos of Chicago

Rebecca O'Connell

Chicago invented the skyscraper, has hosted two World's Fairs, and boasts its own kind of formidable pizza.

15 Ways to Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Mike’s Hard Lemonade [Sponsored]

The Missing Links: The Invention of the High Five

Colin Patrick

The Best/Freakiest Dictionary Promotional Video From the 70s You’ve Ever Seen

Arika Okrent

9 Surprising Facts About Sharks

Melissa Gaskill

Far from mindless killing machines, as they’re so often portrayed, these members of the class Chondrichthyes, or cartilaginous fish, are fascinating age-old survivors with a critical role in the ocean

Work Study: How Amrit Singh Goes Beyond the Music

Jen Doll the mag

Taking a job as a news anchor for the brand-new music channel Revolt TV—and moving from his native New York City to Los Angeles—was a huge change for this blogger, filmmaker, and Bar-certified attorne

6 Get-Rich-Quick Schemes From Vintage Comic Books

Therese Oneill

All you had to do was hit the pavement and sell their products door to door. In return you’d get money, prizes, and a start in the business world. Usually.

Let's Roll a Yahtzee

Chris Higgins

The odds are 1 in 1,296. We can do this!

Brain Game: Prime Jive

Sandy Wood

15 Fun Facts About Amelia Earhart

Amanda Green

Amelia Earhart was a pioneer, a legend, and a mystery.

What’s the Difference Between a Lake and a Pond?

Sean Hutchinson

You’re taking a summer stroll along a nice trail when you come across a body of water. “That’s a beautiful lake,” you think to yourself. Or ... wait.

Morning Cup of Links: The Simpsons Predicts the Future

Miss Cellania