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Morning Cup of Links


Scientists Discover ‘Giant Dwarf’ Bushbaby

Kate Horowitz

Experts say the oversized species represents “a whole new kind of bushbaby.”

6 Things We Know About ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

Jennifer M Wood

"The world is in a place at the moment where I think maybe people appreciate things that aren't so unremittingly horrible," says creator Charlie Brooker.

Hasbro’s New 40th Anniversary ‘Star Wars’ Toys Are Going Old-School

Jay Serafino

You can recreate the most iconic scenes from 'A New Hope.'

Indian School Specializes in Educating Elderly Women

Michele Debczak

Aajibaichi Shala is India's first "school for grandmothers."

11 Hand-Drawn Infographics About African-American Life by W.E.B. Du Bois

Shaunacy Ferro

The civil rights activist and scholar also had an eye for design.

The Strange Case of Everet vs. Williams: When Two Highwaymen Took Each Other To Court

Paul Anthony Jones

Former business partners battling it out in court isn't so unusual—unless that "business" involves robbing unsuspecting gentlemen.

Morning Cup of Links: Getting to Know Johnny Carson

Miss Cellania

Use these links to jumpstart your day!

Too Much Tea Could Send You to an Asylum In The 19th Century

Anna Green

Records from a Scottish insane asylum indicate that one woman was admitted to the facility in 1848 partly due to her "abuse of tea."

Watch Smithsonian Conservationists Restore and Study Asian Art Treasures

Kirstin Fawcett

Before these priceless items go on display, they need a little TLC.

5 Questions: "-ears" to You

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New Study Finds No Link Between Childhood Cat Ownership and Psychosis

Kate Horowitz

Contrary to prior reports, the new study found that living with a cat before birth or in childhood did not increase adolescents’ risk of experiencing psychotic episodes.

Peacock Feathers Are Even More Majestic Under a Microscope

Nick Greene

Photographer Waldo Nell captures the iridescent beauty of peacock feathers under the microscope. His work transforms a familiar object into abstract landscapes and still lifes.

7 Surprising Uses for Tequila

Jennifer M Wood

Mexico’s patron spirit is good for more than just one hell of a hangover.

New Image Translation Tool Turns Any Drawing Into a Terrifying Cat Monstrosity

Rebecca OConnell


The T-Shirt Deals Keep Coming: Tee Fury is 30% Off

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...