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Quirky Crosswalks Take Over London

Shaunacy Ferro

The London Design Festival brought creativity to crossing the street.

Mayo Clinic Builds Fake Office to Study Indoor Health

Anna Green

It looks like a normal office, but it's outfitted with hidden sensors.

Poop-Like Plant Tricks Dung Beetles Into Burying Its Seeds

Kate Horowitz

Looking like crap isn’t always a bad thing.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for DNA Repair Research

Kate Horowitz

The prize was awarded to biochemists Tomas Lindahl, Aziz Sancar, and Paul Modrich for their mechanistic studies of cell repair.

15 Awfully Big Facts About 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

Kara Kovalchik

Mary Richards blazed a path for Elaine Benes, Liz Lemon, and other single working women on TV.

Morning Cup of Links: Weird Circus History

Miss Cellania

Check out these links to start your websurfing today!

Why are Wedding Rings Worn on the Left Hand?

Mark Mancini

For years, couples have dedicated that finger to romance when any other digit would do.

Your Childhood View-Master is Back With a Virtual Reality Update

Michele Debczak

The future is now.

Help Create a National Parks Coloring Book

Caitlin Schneider

Because we know you've always dreamed of doing some delicate shading on Teddy Roosevelt's mustache.

15 Things to Do With Pumpkins (Besides Carve Them)

Alvin Ward

If the idea of scooping out pumpkin guts bums you out, consider these alternative projects instead.

The Ultimate Collection of 1990s "Under Construction” GIFs

Anna Green

Back in the '90s, the flashing GIFs were ubiquitous.

What’s Killing All the Frogs?

Andrew LaSane

Nearly 200 species of frogs have gone extinct since the 1970s. Hundreds more may be at risk.

The Darwin Tank Lets You Keep Jellyfish at Home

Rebecca OConnell

A new Kickstarter campaign wants you to bring home a tank full of jellyfish.

Pop Culture Syllabus: Muppets

the mag

Whether you're a man or a Muppet, this pop culture homework will serve you well.

10 Sweet and Colorful Facts About Mike and Ike’s

Jeff Wells

So much drama for a couple of candy-loving bros.