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5 People Who Were Suspected of Being Jack the Ripper

Mental Floss UK

Modern research still hasn't solved the case, but these are some intriguing possibilities.

Retrobituaries: Emperor Norton, San Francisco’s Most Beloved 19th-Century Eccentric

Esther Bergdahl

Joshua Norton declared himself "Emperor of These United States"—and San Francisco loved him for it.

Why Women Couldn’t Wear Pants on the Senate Floor Until 1993

Jocelyn Sears

Two political pioneers staged a "Pantsuit Revolution."

Unwind With These 6 Quirky Crochet Projects

Miss Cellania

Let the crochet lovers of the internet help you try some of these projects.

Amazon's Running Some Amazing Wednesday Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

The Time John Wilkes Booth's Brother Saved Abe Lincoln's Son

Ethan Trex

An odd connection between the Lincoln and Booth families.

12 Surprising Facts About ‘Party of Five’

Tara Aquino

In the pantheon of '90s coming-of-age dramas, this beacon for angsty teens and disjointed families often gets overlooked.

Donut Shop Puts a Tasty Spin on Nostalgic Snacks

Michele Debczak

Cosmic Brownie, Fruity Pebbles, and Dunkaroo donuts are on the menu.

Ice Cream Parlors Used to Be Considered Evil

Erin Blakemore

A den of corruption, prostitution, and sin.

12 Old Words for the Huge, Mammoth, and Gargantuan

Mark Peters

When something—say, a canyon or mistake—is truly enormous, the same old small time words like colossal and massive don’t always get the job done.

'Doctor Who' Meets Roger Hargreaves in New Book Series

Rebecca OConnell

A different kind of children's book.

Morning Cup of Links: Hiding from Nuclear Fallout

Miss Cellania

A round of great links for everyone!

Birds Use Baby Talk, Just Like Humans

Mental Floss Studios

"Goo-goo ga-ga" may not be in their vernacular, but zebra finches "speak" to their young differently than they communicate with adults—just like we do.

A Swiss Restaurant Now Offers Bug-Based Cooking Classes

Kirstin Fawcett

Insects are a sustainable and healthy food source, Bern's Löscher restaurant explains.

Study Finds Male Tennis Players Are More Likely to Choke Under Pressure

Shaunacy Ferro

In the pressure cooker that is Grand Slam tennis, men are more likely to choke than women.