The Missing Links: The Gigantic Facebook WiFi Drone

Colin Patrick

Electric Stimulation Lets Paralyzed Men Move Their Legs Again

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A study of five paralyzed men finds that non-invasive electrode treatments can increase leg movements.

There's a New F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story You Can Read

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The previously unpublished story from the author's archives appears in the current issue of The Strand.

The Weird Week in Review

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The oddest news stories of the past week.

Pod City: 19 Illuminating Science Podcasts

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Smart, funny, and audible—our selection of science podcasts for you.

Franklin Joined the Peanuts Gang 47 Years Ago Today

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How a schoolteacher helped Charles Schulz create the Peanuts’ first African-American character

In Nagoro, Japan, Life-Sized Dolls Are Replacing People

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Some 350 handmade dolls now outnumber the small town's living residents.

The 'Up' House Escapes Demolition Once Again

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It looks like the small Seattle home that resembles the house from the Pixar movie Up has evaded demolition once again thanks to an undecided non-profit.

15 Biggie-Size Facts You Might Not Know About Wendy's

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Wendy's is more than just burgers and Frostys.

Incredible Timelapses of Flowering Cacti

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Greg Krehel captures the beauty of fast-blooming beauty of echinopsis cacti.

How Shakespeare Changed America’s Wildlife

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Harry Potter Trivia of Escalating Difficulty

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Bring Back the Thor Automagic, the 1940s Hybrid Clothes/Dishwasher

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The dream of a combination dishwasher and washing machine came alive in the 1940s.

11 Surviving Drive-In Theaters You Can Visit This Summer

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You can still find an iconic drive-in if you know where to look.

14 Fun Facts About 'The Aristocats'

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