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Now You Can Enjoy a LEGO Brick Burger

Jake Rossen

This LEGO-centric eatery gives fans a whole new way to celebrate the beloved bricks.

Don't Miss Monday's Best Amazon Bargains

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

14 Facts for Aaron Burr's Birthday

Mark Mancini

Born on this date in 1756, Burr is mainly remembered for two things: killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel and later getting himself tried for treason under President Jefferson.

You Can Buy Wine Made From the Queen’s Royal Vineyard

Michele Debczak

There's no better way to celebrate the Her Majesty's Sapphire Jubilee.

Have an IKEA Bookcase? It's Probably Named After a Specific Profession

Shaunacy Ferro

The Swedish home-goods chain has a coherent naming strategy that its non-swedophone customers are missing out on.

The Apollo Astronaut Who Was Allergic to the Moon

Lucas Reilly

In 1972, geologist Harrison Schmitt became the only professional scientist to ever put boots on the Moon. And then he began sneezing.

10 Facts About ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Matthew Jackson

Today, it’s regarded as the king of zombie flicks. But it started out as an alien comedy.

How Many Hours Will You Need to Work to Afford That Expensive Thing You Want?

Michele Debczak

This calculator translates big expenses into time spent working.

14 Vintage Ads Featuring Ronald Reagan

Jocelyn Sears

Long before he was the 40th president, Ronald Reagan was known for his films, his romances, and his ability to sell cigarettes, shirts, and electricity.

Listen to the Impossibly Adorable Sounds of a Baby Sloth

Rebecca OConnell

They sound as cute as they look.

Morning Cup of Links: The Legacy of the Body Snatchers

Miss Cellania

Start your work week with these great links!

How to Build a Snölykta, a Traditional Swedish Snow Lantern

Kirstin Fawcett

The cozy creations are made from dozens of individual snowballs.

5 Questions: Super Bowl

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

'Kedi,' a Heartwarming New Documentary, Stars Istanbul's Street Cats

Shaunacy Ferro

The residents of Istanbul have a special friendship with the cats that roam their streets.

How Did English End Up With There/Their/They’re?

Arika Okrent

It's OK, we all confuse them sometimes.