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Let's Talk It Up

Jason English

As I mentioned yesterday, we'll be holding Office Hours today, from now until 4pm Eastern Time.

5 Famed Retired Corporate Mascots

Ethan Trex

Consumer product companies love finding a memorable corporate mascot who can get the buying public to open their wallets.

The Gold Standard: History's Top Medalists

Jason English

Last night, Michael Phelps won his third gold medal of the Beijing Games—his ninth career Olympic gold.

Brain Game: Get Rich Quick!

Yes, we do more than just quarters. Today's Brain Game: What U.S. coin becomes twice as valuable when half is taken away? HERE is the answer. ANSWER: a half-dollar.

The Bigger They Are: 10 Ice Age Giants

Miss Cellania

The Pleistocene Era began 1.8 million years ago and ended roughly 10,000 years ago. During that period were several Ice Ages.

Morning Cup of Links: Nasty Smelling Flowers

Miss Cellania

10 People Immortalized in Products. Would you rather be remembered as a Ferris Wheel or a Guillotine? * I don't even know! The best flash game ever.

The Quick 10: 10 Things 300 Didn't Tell You

Stacy Conradt

It was, um, a lot of years ago today (480 B.C., to be exact) that King Leonidas and the Spartans were defeated by Xerxes' army at Thermopylae. Well, that's according to some accounts.

The Most Popular Sailboat Names

Jason English

Our friend Noah Brier pointed us toward this list of the most popular sailboat names, which he found on 10000BoatNames.com.

My Groggy Return

Jason English

This morning at 9am, the clock ran out on my paternity leave. Now I need a vacation.

The $23,000 cataloupe, and other expensive melons

Ransom Riggs

From gas to corn and other basic foodstuffs, it seems like the price of everything is on the rise these days.


Miss Cellania

To expand on an old cliche: * Why do you climb that mountain? Because it's there. * Why do you climb that vertical treadmill? Because the mountain isn't there. * You've seen tho

7 Reasons "Clone Wars" Will Be Worth Seeing

Chris Higgins

The latest Star Wars movie, Clone Wars, opens this Friday. We've done our homework on the new movie, and it actually looks pretty good.

Brain Game: Cheetas Never Prosper

It's still summer vacation for some of our students.

Morning Cup of Links: The Flying Elephant Squad

Miss Cellania

Drug-resistant Superbugs are confounding medical and public health experts. What doesn't kill them only makes them stronger. * Better than a Rickroll, it's a Barack Roll!

Jesus Spotted in Pancake (and 6 other places)

Erica Palan

My favorite things about Slow News Days are the wealth of religious sightings that seem to crop up.