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How To Love Like a Genius

Will Pearson

For the past 5 years, mental_floss has been on a mission to help our readers live like geniuses.

Spamusement: Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

Chris Higgins

We have previously covered Spam poetry and eloquent spam, but the time has come for Spamusement, a comic strip based on real spam subject lines received by the author.

Nothing wrong with a nap

Ransom Riggs

In our workaday world, sleeping during the day tends to have some negative associations: laziness, unemployment and depression.

How To: Win a Duel

Maggie Koerth-Baker

First: Get Embroiled in a Love Triangle Lord Edward Bruce loved Venetia Stanley. So did Edward Sackville, Earl of Dorset.

On Music: Mozart's Serenade for Winds

David K. Israel

So we've explored the brass and string sections of the orchestra, leaving the winds and percussion.

Sweet Treats

Miss Cellania

Sweets for the sweet! Valentines and sugar go together like yin and yang. But if you don't have a sweetheart, you can still enjoy the sweet things.

Ransom Riggs

Hey, you -- dead people -- get a room!

Office Liability

Jason English

"If an executive learns that a regional manager has sponsored a bachelor party in the warehouse, hired a stripper, offered to 'deflower' the bride, taken an employee to a sex store, rec

Terminator: Do Robots Think in Apple II Source Code?

Chris Higgins

Remember the original Terminator movie? Well, we came aross a bit of geeky Terminator trivia this weekend.

Apocalyptic fact of the day: if our sun went out

Ransom Riggs

Don't worry, it probably won't -- at least, not for another 5 billion years or so.

Interview(er) Tips

Jason English

Back in college, I secured an interview with Bates, a large and storied and now-defunct advertising agency with headquarters in New York.

Hooked on Tonics: Snake Oils, Hangover Cures, and Other Questionable Medicine

Maggie Koerth-Baker

Stick Out Your Tounge Snakes, you just can't trust "˜em.

On Music: the French Horns in Symphony of Psalms

David K. Israel

In our first installment of ON MUSIC, we fluttered hi and low through the brass section of the orchestra, but never really got to know the French Horn, my very favorite in the section.

The Booming Baby Stuff Industry

Jason English

My wife and I attended our littlest neighbor's first birthday party last weekend. I continue to be fascinated by advancements in the baby stuff industry.

Letting Rodents Into Your Life...


If you're living in a part of the world where you're at risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder and you're sick of logging time in front of a light box (especially since your fungal infect