Good Grief, Moon!


I was just flipping through a recent back issue of the New Yorker and discovered that one of the highlights of my childhood was based on a lie (a lie, I tell you!): The mother of all bedtime stories,

The year of the inoshishi


You may think it's 2007, but in Japan, it's now officially the year of the boar.

Starting next year's Christmas list - The Dolphin Boat

Will Pearson

This dolphin-shaped boat appeared in Wired's NextFest in 2005 but I'd not seen a video of the boat in action until today. Much of the boat was made from discarded pieces of figher jets.

Ten "trials of the century"

Ransom Riggs

From the floss archives: a look back at ten "trials of the century" and why they all deserve that dubious honor. 1. 1906: The State vs.

Celebrity Inventions?!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Who knew the new Google Patent Search feature could be put to such fun use. Apparently, the folks at Ironic Sans have culled a bunch of patents filed by celebrities.

Rock Star Names (Kihntinued)

Jason English

Yesterday, we discussed the real names of music legends. Greg Kihn was not on that list. That's because Kihn, who now hosts a morning radio show in San Jose, absolutely loves his given name.

Thingamajig Thursday: the harp

David K. Israel

It's a New Year, and our first Thursday! So you know what that means"¦ Today I'm naming that odd thingamajig you find supporting a lampshade. It's called, rather simply, a harp.

Endangered species capital of the world

Ransom Riggs

What do 24 species of bird, 72 snails, 74 insects and 97 plants have in common?

Midichlorians are real!


I'm not sure what's more bizarre -- the fact that this scientist found a new type of bacteria living inside mitochondria (the cellular energy factories that themselves arose from bacteria),

Poor little guy...


Terribly sad news from the Georgia Aquarium yesterday: ATLANTA -- Gasper, one of the Georgia Aquarium's five prized beluga whales, was euthanized Tuesday morning after months of declining health

Interesting infographics showing Iraq War casualties

Will Pearson

Check out this interactive series of infographics at   Link via information aesthetics    

Beyond green power

Ransom Riggs

What's better than green power? People power, say some forward-thinking engineers.

Viral meme all your friends already know about, #3: Will It Blend?


How do you make a boring household appliance, like a blender, the hip new thing? Well, you can either design it to be retro-adorable, or you can appeal to the misbehaving-kid demographic.

Sony to create Segway-like skateboard?

Mangesh Hattikudur

According to NewScientist's Tech Blog, Sony has applied for a patent to create a new style of skateboard in the Segway model.

Some good ole-fashioned html humor

Mangesh Hattikudur

I saw this online last night, and thought it was too funny not to post. Link via