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The Late Movies: Guess the Theme Thursday XI

Mark Arminio

It's Thursday night, which means it's once again time for GUESS THE THEME. All the clips below have something in common. Do you know what it is?

3 People Who Talked Down Potential Jumpers

Ethan Trex

It’s not always a trained negotiator who talks a potential jumper off the ledge. Sometimes it’s a shock jock, a rapper, or a hotel maid. 1. Howard Stern Keeps Caller On the Line, On the

Marvin Gaye, Detroit Lions Wide Receiver?

Jason Plautz

We’ve heard plenty (probably too many) athletes try to become musicians. But what happens when it goes the other

Time Management for Teachers

Chris Higgins

I'm not a teacher, but I came across this excellent video by teacher C.G.P. Grey explaining his system for organizing and managing his teaching life.

8 Prehistoric Creatures from Your Nightmares

Miss Cellania

We see fossil reconstructions or illustrations of species that have come and gone and we sometimes say, "Come on now, that can't be real!" Or maybe you don't, but I have, because t

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #26

The daily mentalfloss.com Brain Game has been around a few years now, and it amazes me that we've been allowed to even reach the 26th entry in the Really, Really Bad Rebus series.

Morning Cup of Links: Monsters, Chefs, and Toys

Miss Cellania

What was that weird expanding halo of light seen from Hawaii?

5 Questions: "Lash" Blast

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What Are Eye Boogers, Anyway?

Matt Soniak

What is this stuff, and where does it come from?

How the Gas Pump Knows When to Shut Off

Stacy Conradt

The first gasoline pump certainly didn't exist for the purpose of fueling cars - though Karl Benz was tinkering with the idea, cars weren’t even invented yet.

Some Questions We Can't Answer

Jason English

Reader Adam writes: "Does the 'E' in Chuck E. Cheese stand for something? This has literally been bothering me for years." My guess: Probably not.

Empire Records

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We're continuing Movie Week with a look at one of the '90s most classic cult films. Crank up your AC/DC, shave your head, ramp up your teenage angst and see how much you remember about Empire Records.

The Late Movies: The History of the English Language in Ten Minutes

Chris Higgins

Do you have ten minutes to devote to a funny, cheeky, nerdy look at the history of the English language? Of course you do.

Announcing Angsty Birds and More New Shirts!

Jason English

New shirts are here! New shirts are

Crows Remember Who Wronged Them

Jill Harness

I always thought the way crows seem to examine humans was a little creepy.