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Shark Cam 360

Chris Higgins

Want to be surrounded by real live sharks all day? Virtually? I thought so.

11 Obscure Regional Phrases That Describe Excessive Heat

Jason English

The way this summer is going, you'll soon run out of ways to say, "It's ridiculously hot." Lucky for us, we have a direct line to Joan H.

7 Robot Animals and Creepy-Crawlies

Miss Cellania

The field of robotics, while taking over factories and a lot of other manual labor, is still experimental in many areas.

World War I Centennial: Carving up the Ottoman Empire

Erik Sass

Installment #24: In the first half of 1912, the small Christian kingdoms of the Balkan Peninsula began plotting an attack on their former oppressor, the weak, declining Ottoman Empire.

Brain Game: An E-Z One?

This week, we're remembering some of our classic mentalfloss.com Brain Game entries from years past. Thursday's challenge: An E-Z

Campaign Slogan or Pat Boone Song?

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Campaign slogans can veer towards the uninteresting, with the focus on family, progress, and values. In fact, some of them sound more like classic pop songs from a simpler time. In this quiz, it's up to you to choose whether we've named a campaign slogan or a classic song by Pat Boone.

Morning Cup of Links: Going to London

Miss Cellania

When a droid spills hot nuts and bolts that were supposed to be dinner, dubstep robots respond the only way they know how.

The Scream-Powered Photo Booth

Jill Harness

From the outside, the Screamotron3000 might seem like the world's most terrifying photo booth.

The Late Movies: Fireworks Around the World

Chris Higgins

To celebrate Independence Day in the US, I've collected fireworks displays from around the world. Can't find a good fireworks show in your neighborhood?

What's the Higgs Boson and Why Do We Care?

Chris Higgins

Researchers at CERN have announced a major finding that, while they're being cautious and cagey because they're conservative people, is clearly the first observation of the Higgs boson, popu

Brain Game: Sing a Song of Brain

This week, we're remembering some of our classic mentalfloss.com Brain Game entries from years past. Wednesday's challenge: Sing a Song of

Morning Cup of Links: Hotter Than July

Miss Cellania

Ten Tips to Keep Your Cool During a Heatwave.

14 Finer Points of the U.S. Flag Code

Jamie Spatola

Tom Pennington/ The National Flag Code was adopted on June 14, 1923, by the National Flag Conference. The representatives from the U.S.

The Late Movies: Fictional Bands

Erica Palan

Do you have a song that just pops in your head sometimes? Even if you haven't heard it for weeks or months?

Why Libraries Matter: Letters to the Children of Troy, Michigan (From 1971)

Lucas Reilly

It was the spring of 1971, and the public library in Troy, Mich., was finally getting a permanent home.