David K. Israel

I've got to admit I'm not a big online chatter.

Spring Forward

Jason English

Since we've lost the extra hour today, I only have time to re-post my Daylight Saving entry from last October.

For All Y'all Motown Druids


Carhenge. Burn some diesel, and then some sage.

Do cats cause schizophrenia?

Ransom Riggs

It's an open question, though compelling new research is lending credence those who argue that they do.

Spawns of Seinfeld

Jason English

A few months ago, Peter McEntegart of had a fantastic post about actors whose careers were more or less launched by Seinfeld.

How To Lose With Style

Chris Higgins

Wrapping up my week of Las Vegas blog posts, I thought I'd finally mention gambling. I am not a gambler. However, I am a nerd.

"The richest year in human history"

Ransom Riggs

That's according to Steve Forbes, whose magazine takes the trouble to list the world's wealthiest people every year.

No Love for Duke

Jason English

My friend Pete is inexplicably a die-hard North Carolina State fan. I do not mean to slight the Wolfpack here. It's just that Pete did not attend this university, nor did anyone he knows.

Weekend Word Wrap: water and house

David K. Israel

I'm using the Word Wrap to dive into the micro today by looking at the origins of two words as they evolved from letters.

Corn Palace: P-A-L...


If you're feeling confident in your spelling skills & you're lucky enough to live within driving time of Mitchell, SD, get yourself over to this weekend's 15th Annual Corn Palace R

Las Vegas: The Koyaanisqatsi Connection

Chris Higgins

The Las Vegas Strip is visually overwhelming -- lots of blinking lights, LED video screens, moving billboards, neon, rollercoasters, recreations of famous attractions from other cities, and so on.

Not your typical ghost town

Ransom Riggs

It may not seem like much today, but at the turn of the century the boomtown of Rhyolite was the talk of Nevada.

Playing With Food

Miss Cellania

Mothers keep telling their children not to play with their food. The reason is probably because mothers tend to eat a child's leftovers (been there, done that).

Mystery of the moving rocks

Ransom Riggs

Geologists have been able to explain much about the way the earth was formed, how its mountain ranges and basins rose and sank from shifting and stretching tectonic plates, and other formerly enduring

Rants & Raves: Registering a K9 Complaint

David K. Israel

I know what you're thinking: who hates dogs? How can the words hate and dog appear in the same sentence? Well, I'm hear to tell ya folks, I'm not so fond of them right now.