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Food Lessons From the U.S. Government

Scott Allen

On July 4, award-winning chef Jose Andres opened a pop-up restaurant in Washington, DC.

When Hizzoner Can Be "Your Honor"

Jason Plautz

In the aftermath of New York’s decision to approve gay marriage, news broke that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would officiate at the wedding of two of his office aides.

How Many Raisins Are in "Two Scoops"?

Jason English

Note: Mangesh and I have a daily (well, Monday through Thursday) newsletter called Watercooler Ammo. You might like it.

Zoomorpha: The Next Wave of Robot

Brett Savage

Everybody loves robots.

8 Candidates for the Next New Nation

Haley Sweetland Edwards

On Saturday, South Sudan declared its independence, becoming the brand-spanking newest nation in the world.

Reasons to Feel Good About Having Blue Eyes

Jason Plautz

Josh Hamilton recently claimed he doesn’t hit well during the day because he has blue eyes.

The 11 Geekiest Tattoos Ever Inked

Jill Harness

Who Was on the Sgt. Pepper Cover?

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You've all seen the patchwork of famous faces that grace the cover of The Beatles’ 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. But have you ever really stopped to take a look at exactly who is in the crowd? Test your knowledge of the collage by telling us if each of these cultural icons was on the cover.

Video: The Secret Powers of Time

Chris Higgins

In this brilliant lecture-with-animation, Professor Philip Zimbardo discusses six different ways people's minds are focused on time. Do you focus on the past?

Great Art ... with Star Destroyers

Ransom Riggs

I guess I thought painting was the one art form that was immune from the mashup -- of course, I was proved wrong years ago, by the cover art for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies -- but now it seems tha

There May Be a New World's Largest Baby

Jill Harness

Out in Texas, a woman named Janet Johnson just gave birth to a 16 pound 1 ounce baby. Officials need to verify the details, but he might be the largest baby ever born.

Brain Game: Math Square #81

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game offers you Math Square #81. Good luck! The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9.

Morning Cup of Links: Hero Cat, Science Dog

Miss Cellania

Hidden Tunnels, Bugs, and Bigamy: A Strange and True D.C. Story.

The Number of the Day: 25%

Jason English

According to a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, 25% of U.S.

The First Pup With 4 Prosthetic Paws

Jill Harness

Naki’o might not run quite like the other dogs, but it's a miracle that he can run at all.