Weekend Word Wrap: Paging Doctor

David K. Israel

Now that the summer is unofficially over, and we're all wishing it wasn't, I thought one way at least to pretend like casual Fridays are still in effect is to play a little casual word game.

How to bet on snail races (and win!)

Mangesh Hattikudur

Hey, we're not judging. If you want to spend your free time (and cash) betting on gastropod races down at the track, we're fine with that—we're just here to give you a tip.

Celluloid-stumper: no horsing around

David K. Israel

Some of you have suggested that our stumpers have been too easy so far. Perhaps that's true. Perhaps you'll find this celluloid-stumper more challenging then.

I think Punch needs a second opinion


I've heard of doctors making after-the-fact diagnoses on historical figures like Alexander the Great (there's more about that in our upcoming project, Med School in a Box), but this is just

Pop annotations: "Show Stopper" by Danity Kane

Ransom Riggs

While most of us sneak peeks at the footnotes while trying to decipher baffling classics like Finnegan's Wake, we seem to do fine without expertly-annotated copies of In Style.

Male fish eggs?

David K. Israel

I once saw a supermarket rag headline that read, "Men Can Have Babies Too!" and, after nosing through the article while waiting on line, almost believed it. (I was much younger, of course.

You asked: How common are two-headed animals?


No, that's not the star of the upcoming "Snakes on a Plane 2: Head to Head" -- it's a creature that was really creeping out a reader named Susan, who was curious: There is a tw

The booming toilet water industry

Will Pearson

So yesterday we debated whether mice prefer cheese or peanut butter. And today, we return to dogs and their love of toilet water.

Adventures in Advertising

Jason English

"Picture a box. Not just any box "“ a huge box. A performance art piece, dropped in Central Park and Trafalgar Square and Fisherman's Wharf.

You asked: Why does V8 cure hangovers?


One of our readers (okay, it was my friend Lisa) noticed a mention of "National Hangover Day" in our new-holiday contest -- a day of bleary-eyed and queasy celebration on which "V8 will

Help Stephen Hawking (and get paid!)

Mangesh Hattikudur

CNN is reporting that wheelchair-bound physics genius Stephen Hawking is looking for some hired help.

A Python That Couldn't Cross the Road

Mangesh Hattikudur

God, pythons are such gluttons. As if swallowing an electric blanket wasn't bad enough (see here), a Malaysian specimen gulped down a pregnant (PREGNANT?!) sheep and then couldn't move.

Hurricane Relief

Mangesh Hattikudur

For all the Ziggys and Charlie Browns out there who seem to be plagued by perpetual rain clouds hovering over their heads, the MY-DAY umbrella has your damp-weather solution.

That's one cool ride

Mangesh Hattikudur

I don't know if this is a hoax or not, but I saw it on Popgadget, and figured it was too funny-looking not to post about.

Thingamajig Thursday: the whammy bar

David K. Israel

Welcome to the second installment of Thingamajig Thursday.