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15 My Little Pony Mashups

Miss Cellania

If you want to create something that will appeal to internet surfers, keep this in mind: the essence of comedy is the juxtaposition of opposites, or at least somewhat unrelated things.

Brain Game: Tiny Europe

Here's a new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Laundry Music

Miss Cellania

Modern hi-tech washing machines can be used as musical instruments!

5 Questions: Works for Us!

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The Flying Pinto That Killed Its Inventor

Matt Soniak

Image credit: Doug Duncan The flying car has been invented over and over again. The problem is, each iteration has fallen somewhere on the line between amusing failure and outright disaster.

How One Girl and Her Teddy Bear Saved a Baby Sloth

Jill Harness

When baby sloths eat, they cling tightly to their mothers. The instinct is so strong that the youngsters won't eat if they aren't cuddling.

The Missing Links: The CIA's Super Secret Dragonfly Spy

Colin Patrick

It’s Been 65 Years Since the Events in Roswell Definitely Did or Absolutely Didn't Happen Time explores the story all these years later: * Killing Aliens 101 Aliens aren’t just a thing

Where Did John Wayne Get His Walk?

Eddie Deezen

He was the quintessential cowboy, the all-American American, the symbol for "macho" all over the world. He starred in more than 170 films in an unparalleled almost 50 year career in movies.

You Betcha: A "Fargo" Documentary, Yah

Chris Higgins

"It's Siberia with family restaurants," -the Coen brothers explain Minneapolis in this half-hour documentary about their film Fargo.

The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods

Rob Lammle

While it’s not unusual for a film to have unused screenplays hiding in a filing cabinet somewhere, the lost scripts of Indiana Jones are a fascinating look at what might have been for everyone’s favor

Brain Game: Math Square #131

Have you ever tried a Monday Math Square mentalfloss.com Brain Game challenge? Today's the day - just follow the instructions below.

Morning Cup of Links: Star Wars Homecoming

Miss Cellania

A Woman's Life, As Told Through Scientific Studies. Strange how research that should make us feel better about ourselves tends to just make us feel weird.

5 Questions: Da Bomb

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Weekend Links: The Internet Justice League

Allison Keene

A video from inside a dust storm. Surreal, fascinating, and somewhat terrifying! * If the internet had a Justice League, who would it include? And who would be each other's nemeses?

The Olympic Swimmer Who'd Never Been in an Olympic-Size Pool

Ethan Trex

To bring the Olympic spirit to developing nations in the late 1990s, the Olympic Committee allowed a small number of “wild card” athletes to join the Games.