The September Project


Check your local library -- 500 of them around the world are hosting talks about freedom and democracy

USA Today not ready for some football


Our research editor, Sandy Wood, reads the newspaper with a red pen -- even the USA Today sports section, apparently, because in the course of his after-the-fact checking this weekend, he found a dooz

Iced over

David K. Israel

Via popgadget, we bring you a shocking new product from a company called Water Bank of America: Ice Rocks, or secured ice cubes, which, as their website states, were "designed to address the salu


Jason English

The summer of 2001 was spent searching for Chandra Levy, mourning Mr. Belvedere, and pardoning Microsoft.

Obesity is more than a U.S. problem

Will Pearson

The media often talks about how fat the U.S. is and while that's true, scientists gathering at the 10th International Congress on Obesity are pointing out that this is a global problem.

The September 11th Digital Archive


Probably the most authentic, and quite possibly the most moving, September 11th material on the

Contest winner: You're all invited


When we saw the first entry in our "create a new holiday" contest, we were tempted to award it first prize then and there: "I hereby propose a holiday honoring one thing we all have

1 of 2 Japanese things to look forward to

Mangesh Hattikudur

I read two exciting things in this month's terrific Esquire, and surprisingly enough they were both penned by mental_floss contributor Doug Cantor.

2 of 2 Japanese things to look forward to

Mangesh Hattikudur

#2) Make cheap wine taste great in minutes! While Tom Hanks proved in Big that speeding through puberty isn't always the best idea, at least for humans, Japanese scientist Hiroshi Tanaka, feels

The certainty of chance

Ransom Riggs

Can one person really change the world? The answer, claims Princeton's parapsychological Global Consciousness Project, is no. At least, not just by thinking about it.

Cut it out!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Being the son of a Pre-school teacher I can't help but admire this sort of paper work. These amazing sculptures were all created by Peter Callesen, an artist from Denmark.

Editor's note: September 11th


Blogging will continue as normal today, but we'll be linking to a number of respectful memorials and essays across the web. Let's start with 2,996: one blogger and one tribute for every

You were ready (or not) for some football


Behold, the answers to our football

Sinking to new lows

David K. Israel

So what's the lowest point on earth? If your answer is that one time when you forgot your mother's birthday, you may be right (and shame on you!), but if we're talking geography, sor

Are you ready for some football? Prove it!


With the football season fully starting up this weekend, our brilliant research editor Sandy Wood has devised the ultimate test for proving that you (a) love the game and (b) actually know something a