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Mighty Microbes: 4 Little Creatures that Pack a Big Scientific Punch

the mag

By Maggie Koerth-Baker Economists do it with spreadsheets and charts. Architects favor balsa wood. But when a biologist needs a model, it's gotta be alive.

Can You Name the 'Batman' Movie?

Name the Last Quarterback to Play in the Pro Bowl for Each Team

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Brain Game: Five-by-Five #3

Five-by-Five puzzles aren't difficult, they're just an exercise for the noggin. Enjoy! Place the following words into a 5 × 5 grid so that they link together.

Scientists Who Can Sing

Ransom Riggs

Well, not really -- they've been autotuned by a talented Youtuber called Melodysheep, who's made a number of great, toe-tapping videos that make you think, like this one, in which a number o

Morning Cup of Links: The Talking Tree

Miss Cellania

Families in Afghanistan who don't have a son will sometimes dress a daughter up as a boy.

Match 'C' Words to the Definition

The Number of the Day: 30

Andréa Fernandes

Of the world's 40,000 spider species, only about 30 have venom that causes illness in humans. Related Link: For the next couple weeks, we'll be pulling Numbers of the Day from the beautif

5 Questions: It's on My Mind

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The 15 Best Miniature Golf Courses

Jill Harness

I have always been terrible at miniature golf because I have a bad habit of hitting way too hard.

The Late Movies: Stop Motion, part 1

Andréa Fernandes

Stop motion videos are no longer confined to the realm of claymation kids movies—it's an increasingly popular method for music videos, commercials, real-world reenactments of video games, and mor

The Quick 6: Six Unit Conversion Disasters

Stacy Conradt

Think you had a bad day at work? At least you didn't lose equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars (at least, I'm assuming you didn't).

You CAN Take It With You

Colin Patrick

The Chinese have a tradition of honoring and caring for their dead by burning symbols which represent the person’s worldly possessions.

Become a Part of Your Favorite Album

Jill Harness

Talk about sealing your record. A new company is offering music lovers the opportunity to have their ashes pressed into a copy of their favorite record.

Jim Henson Makes Muppets (Video, 1969)

Chris Higgins

This delightful 15-minute video features a young Jim Henson explaining puppet-making (and thus Muppet-making) in 1969. This was made before Sesame Street went on the air later that year.