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Baseball and the first unique prime number: 3

David K. Israel

As the baseball postseason swings ever closer to the World Series (fyi: the Fall Classic begins this coming Saturday), I thought I'd get us all in the mood by looking at some curious connections

Quiz of the Day: Playing Bass

Our apologies, but the Quiz of the Day is temporarily down for maintenance again while we fine-tune the coding. We're hoping to get the scoring system repaired ASAP, but in the meantime, chec

Teacher Appreciation Week on mental_floss


Socrates taught Plato, Plato taught Aristotle, Aristotle taught Alexander the Great... history is filled with great teachers (there's a nice bit on those three here).

Celluloid stumper #2: Two sides to every story?


My husband looked at this graphic last night and said, "he has a side?" Who can tell me what Woody Allen movie he was quoting from?

Meet our "Prairie Home" companions!


We had so many entries in the "tell us why you're above average" Prairie Home Companion DVD contest that we couldn't pick among them -- so, as predicted, we had to draw them out of

Bringing you the latest news in Weird Festivals


For the sake of our more squeamish readers (particularly with lunch coming up soon), we're going to put the picture that goes with this caption (from the Cellar's ever-amusing "Image of

Chew on this: world food day

Ransom Riggs

Perhaps not inappropriately, World Food Day this year closely follows on the heels of Friday the 13th.

This is your hamster on drugs

Mangesh Hattikudur

NewScientist is reporting that a team of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin has discovered that Prozac, when used in low doses on juvenile hamsters, makes the creatures considerably more

Cool Photos from Around the World

Will Pearson

Check out the New Scientist Photographic

Should someone report this to the Humane Society?

Mangesh Hattikudur

Man. As if figuring out your own stellar Halloween costume wasn't difficult enough, apparently there's a lot of pressure now to help man's best friend(s) get into the act.

Celluloid-stumper: Going to 11

David K. Israel

Everyone has his or her favorite Spinal Tap moment: Derek Smalls getting stuck in the plastic pod, David St.

Happy 300 Million America!

David K. Israel

This is a huge week in American history, folks! Sometime either today, tomorrow, or early the next day, our population will hit 300 million, according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

Logo know... or no?

Click on the [more...] link and/or scroll further down for the answers. Send us your scores by commenting to this post. (Be

Week in Review: Our own little Idea Festival


Will, Mangesh and I are currently in Louisville for the Idea Festival, which features speeches, presentations, and panels from "a dizzying array of extraordinary thinkers" and also me.

Quiz of the Day: It's Over There ->

Thanks to some keen recoding by our buddy Winslow (thanks!), the Quiz of the Day has returned to its regular spot on this site, in the right-hand column under "Brain Busting Time Killers." T