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5 Questions: Cardinal Numbers

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The Late Movies: Cameos by Famous Actors in Not-So-Famous Movies

Allison Lex

What do The Hangover, Ocean's Eleven and Zoolander have in common? They all contain brief appearances by familiar faces -- and all were also hits with viewers.

The Number of the Day: 6,239

Colin Patrick

An artist named Thomas Pavitt has created what he believes to be the world’s biggest connect-the-dots drawing - a portrait of Mona Lisa created with 6,239 individual points.

5 Artists Reportedly Held at Gunpoint by Phil Spector

Bill DeMain

He created the Wall of Sound. He wore crazy wigs. And he loved

How Algorithms Shape Our World

Chris Higgins

In this fifteen-minute TED Talk, game designer Kevin Slavin talks about how mathematical algorithms (a set of instructions that a person or machine can follow) no longer just participate with our worl

Trader Oh-No

David K. Israel

So yesterday, I went to Trader Joes, as I do every Sunday, stocked up on my staples, like milk, eggs, OJ, bananas, etc. and my favorite snack, Roasted Seaweed.

Bed Time: 11 Imaginative Places to Sleep

Jill Harness

Creative beds aren't just for kids. People of all ages can enjoy a little imagination in the design of their sleeping chambers. 1. A Cuddly

The Burial Suit That Eats Your Body

Colin Patrick

Thinking about your own death is an unpleasant chore for most. Jae Rhim Lee, however, enjoys dwelling on the subject.

Leonard Nimoy Directed Three Men and a Baby

Jason English

Last night fellow _flosser Ethan Trex told me Three Men and a Baby was directed by Leonard Nimoy.

Brain Game: Math Square #84

To some, 84 is a "neat" number because it's evenly divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. To others, 84 is the meaning of life (twice).

Morning Cup of Links: Sharks, Aliens, & Giants

Miss Cellania

The debt ceiling standoff may ruin the government's credit rating no matter whether the deadline is met. Here are five consequences of a U.S.

5 Questions: Prime Numbers

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History's Best and Worst Advertising Slogans

Brett Savage

Remember when Verizon's slogan demanded very directly that you "Join In"?

Weekend Links: Why Pandas Are Black and White

Allison Keene

From NPR: "It's not easy being green. Some of us know that better than others.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you