Ice, ice baby

Ransom Riggs

Is it good timing -- or just good PR?

Billionaire Dropouts

Will Pearson

Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Carl Icahn, Paul Allen, David Geffen, Ralph Lauren. Turns out they have more in common than just being billionaires. They are also all dropouts.

Is that a sound system in your pocket?

Mangesh Hattikudur

I'm not sure if the world's ready for this yet, but OhGizmo is reporting that a foreward-thinking Ukrainian scientist named Hryhory Chausovsky has invented a musical condom?!

Weird Science Winner #1: You'll shoot your eye out


Reader (and frequent commenter) "n2y2" wins our prize for the most harebrained research proposal -- although, as you'll see, it's not so harebrained that someone hasn't alread

A picture worth 1,000 of Neil LaBute's words


Here I go again with the value-added for articles in highbrow publications: the New York Times has an amusing column called "Possessed" about a few of its subjects' favorite things.

A Coloring Book That Means Business!

Mangesh Hattikudur

I just saw some stills from the Executive Coloring Book, a confusingly out-of-print title from 1961, and figured I simply had to share.

A Real FA-Q to Customers

Jason English

Here's a question not asked frequently enough -- how do companies dream up their FAQs? Who are these ultra-inquisitive customers? Is this how corporations view the

Escape Artistry


The current New Yorker has a great article about murderer Richard McNair, who is the only person to escape from a maximum-security federal prison in the last 13 years and, apparently, a bit of an evil

Speak no evil

David K. Israel

As you've probably been following over the last years, there have been a lot of complaints in Singapore over the youngins' excessive use of Singlish. Likewise, Manglish is now under attac

Week in Review: We're slaves to fashion!


The runways have been dismantled, the models are all jetting back to the Ukraine or more likely, New York, and Paris Fashion Week is over -- but we're still celebrating.

Of specious polls and shameless plugs

Ransom Riggs

As long a we're talking alien abductions and arguably foolhardy attempts to insure against such disasters, I feel compelled to shamelessly plug an arguably foolhardy venture of my own: the NYC pr

Inside the actors of Studio 60

Jason English

A lot has been said about the big names of NBC's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And rightfully so. You've got Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet, Steven Weber, D.L.

Celluloid-stumper: The Ten Commandments

David K. Israel

Ransom's great post on the anniversary of "Talkies" got me in an anniversary mood. Yesterday, Cecil B. DeMille's epic, The Ten Commanments, celebrated its 50th, believe it or not.

How To: Travel to the Center of the Earth

Maggie Koerth-Baker

How To Travel to the Center of the Earth We know shockingly little about what's going on beneath our feet.

Harry Potter shoots kids, steals their lunch money


She hasn't commented on the Charles Carl Roberts slayings yet, but Laura Mallory -- tragically just a few days too late for Banned Books Week -- does think that Harry Potter is responsible for se