Yet another reason to love Bob Dylan


I know it's not terribly new, but since he's touring and he's got a new album at all, I just have to direct your attention (if it hasn't already been directed) to Bob Dylan's

Free cars! Free cars!

David K. Israel

You read the title correctly: free cars are actually being given away by one of the largest automakers in the world, Toyota - to be more specific, the Scion brand. What's the catch?

Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 7 booze commercials from the '80s that taste great, are less filling


I'm not going to beat around the bush today, folks. I like beer. I like the '80s. I like commercials.

mental_floss Fashion Week: The first high heels


This fall, shoes are a big deal -- literally. The scary-looking thing at left is the chaussure du jour from Balenciaga; Marc Jacobs also showed enormous clodhoppers for the current season.

The True Ethnicity of Swedish Fish

Jason English

The other day, a co-worker gave me a handful of Swedish Fish. I haven't had Swedish Fish in years, and now I can't stop thinking about them. It's like having a bad song in your head.

Insurance for dummies

Ransom Riggs

If yesterday's blog on bizarre disasters made some of you nervous, we've got just the thing to put your anxious minds at ease: bizarre insurance. Like what, you

Are we really just now defining "drama queen"?

Will Pearson

We get all kinds of weird press releases at the mental_floss office but I didn't expect the one from Oxford University Press to create such a stir among our staff.

It's mental_floss fashion week!


OMG OMG OMG it's Paris Fashion Week!

Contest: The Scientific People's Choice Awards


If you read David's post earlier this afternoon, you know that the Ig Nobel Prize Awards are coming up Thursday -- and if you read our 10 Issue, you know we're big fans.

The Igs are coming!

David K. Israel

Keeping on the Nobel path from this morning, it's just about time for the 16th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Awards.

A Lesbian from Asia

David K. Israel

The title of a new indie film opening at Sundance next year? Nope. A new novel working its way up the best-seller lists? Closer, but still no.

Guinness Record: Lee "Not Press On" Redmond's Nails

Will Pearson

Lee Redmond (65) of Utah is making her debut in this year's Guinness Book of World Records with her recordbreaking 24 ft 7 inch fingernails.

Armchair Field Trip: The Sixth Circle of Hell


Oh dear. The Dante's Inferno Test has banished me to the eternal fiery pit, sixth floor.

Food, dangerous food

Ransom Riggs

You don't have to swallow food for it to be dangerous -- or even kill you. As proof we offer this, mental_floss' honor roll of the weirdest food-related disasters in history. 1.

Idiot of the Day: A bit lacking in judgment


This card arrived at our house last week announcing that my husband's summons to jury duty was not actually necessary. Good thing, since his scheduled jury date was three weeks ago.