Image Macros: I'm in Your X, Y'ing Your Z

Chris Higgins

Okay, now that I've spent the first three days of this week talking about LOL Cats, it's time to move on to something marginally more advanced: the "I'm in Your X, Y'ing Your

Meet James Ensor

Ransom Riggs

He's more than just a footnote in They Might Be Giants' lengthy songbook ("Meet James Ensor, Belgium's famous painter / Dig him up and shake his hand / Understand the man"), h

Cabbage Patch Kids...A Very Different Kind of CPK


Back when I was trying to get in touch with Mr.

LOL Cats: I Can Has Cheezburger

Chris Higgins

Over the past few days, we've shown you several flavors of LOL Cats.

Useless office skills

Ransom Riggs

If you're reading mental_floss at work, you're probably already looking for ways to decrease your productivity.

A Question for the Authors

Jason English

None of my close friends have written books. I'm not here to scold them, I'm just saying.

Guilty Pleasures, and Three Things I Didn't Know About Mike & The Mad Dog

Jason English

In New York, Don Imus has been temporarily replaced by Mike & The Mad Dog, the long-running WFAN afternoon duo.

Daft Dave: The Former Soviet Union

David K. Israel

It's time for another post by Daft Dave... The USSR breakup in 1991 led to the formation of the following independent nations (no Googling!): Georgia Turkmenistan Armenia Ukraine

A Chatty Surrogacy


Speaking of things we do to raise smart babies...Consider the plight of Castaway, a pregnant bottlenose dolphin who's due any minute.

How to: pick your nose inconspicuously

Ransom Riggs

From the increasingly ubiquitous wikiHow, tips for those who've got something inside (their nostril) and just can't hide it.

Low Tech, High Comedy

Jason English

Scaramouch, the proprietor of YesButNoButYes, pointed me towards this website, which promotes Miranda July's new book of stories, No one belongs here more than you.

Image Macros: "Invisible" LOL Cats

Chris Higgins

Yesterday we introduced you to LOL Cats, today it's time to dig deeper.

Welcome, or something like that.

Miss Cellania

Once upon a time, just about all doormats came in three varieties. There were plain mats, mats that said "welcome", and the fancy kind that had your family name on it.

Bacon is bad for you

Ransom Riggs

You schizophrenic scientists ... make up your minds!

Is Your Baby Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Jason English

We have smart readers. It stands to reason some of you are raising smart kids. I've come for parental advice. Not for me "“ not yet, at least.