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11 Toys Worth More Than My Car

Chris Higgins

I drive a 2000 Hyundai Elantra with its factory original tape deck. It's in "fair" shape -- low miles but a lotta dents.

11 Creative Fan Renditions of Doctor Who Music

Calli Arcale

Doctor Who fans have a lot of creativity and talent, and many times they share it on YouTube.

Brain Game: Math Square #133

What's this? A new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Monday Math Square challenge.

11 Game-Inspired Cakes

Jill Harness

We’ve featured cakes based on video games before, but for those who prefer to play their games in the real world against non-virtual friends, here are 11 great tribute desserts. 1. Dungeons &

5 Questions: "Star" Collector

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11 Time Traveler Urban Legends That Pretty Much Debunk Themselves

Bill DeMain

Despite photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts, these tales of time travel were too good to be true.

World War I Centennial: Albanians Capture Skopje, Massacre at Kochana

Erik Sass

Installment #30: August was a bad month for the Ottoman Empire, as the Albanian rebellion reached its climax and ethnic tensions between Bulgarians and Turks exploded, literally, with a terrorist bomb

Weekend Links: Back To The Future II Hoverboard Test Footage

Allison Keene

When I read the headline, "Back To The Future II Hoverboard Test Footage" … well, I think it speaks for itself!

Betty White's Sweet Two-and-a-Half Hour Interview

Chris Higgins

The Archive of American Television is a goldmine.

Scenes From the 1908 London Olympic Marathon

Orrin Konheim

In honor of today's Olympic marathon, here's a look back at the origin of the race, plus an explanation of the whole ".2"

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

Programming Note: This Month We're Celebrating the 11th on Monday

Jason English

11 image via Shutterstock If you're new around here, on the 11th day of every month we run at least 11 '11 lists' (like '10 lists' but slightly longer).

8 Underdog Nations and Their Memorable Olympic Performances

Orrin Konheim

This week, the tiny Caribbean nation of Grenada won its first Olympic medal when 19-year-old Kirani James took the gold in the 400-meter dash.

Come November, We'll Add Paul Ryan to One of These Quizzes

Jason English

Now that Mitt Romney has named his running mate, it's only a matter of time before we add Paul Ryan's name to one of these VP quizzes: Remind me in

The "City of London" Lives Inside a Larger City Named London

Chris Higgins

As an American, my knowledge of London is pretty limited -- you know, big city, Big Ben, big Olympics, yeah, I get it.