Brain Game

Math Square #226

Brain Game

Math Square #226

Pie Man to the Rescue!

Pie Man to the Rescue!


15 Things You May Not Have Known About 'Conan the Barbarian'

Sean Hutchinson

10 Roller Coasters That Changed America

Alan Finn

American coasters weren’t always scream machines. They evolved over time, with specific coasters paving the way for those that followed.

When and Where Do People Buy What They Buy on eBay?

Hannah Keyser

People buy a lot of different things on eBay, making it a good source for studying consumer trends.

11 Reasons You Feel Comfortable Saying Anything to Your Best Friend

26 Lesser-Known Jobs That Could Be Your Calling

Jason English

Looking to make a change?

The Astronaut Whose First Words on the Moon Were a Joke

Nick Greene

Timelapse: One Year in a Forest's Life

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Water Drops

Sandy Wood

14 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Erin McCarthy

A number of future famous faces stopped by the Hellmouth.

Do Mosquitoes Get Drunk After Biting Intoxicated People?

Mark Mancini

“The implications [of this question] are… profound,” says entomologist Michael Raupp. “Reckless flying, passing out in frosty beer mugs, hitting on crane flies instead of mosquito babes.

Morning Cup of Links: Ridiculous TV

Miss Cellania

The Day the Mountain of Fire Was Born

Miss Cellania

8 Ways to Make Your Phone Live Longer

Alvin Ward

Having your phone die on you is a big bummer.

15 Things You May Not Have Known About Scream

Sean Hutchinson

We won’t spoil the big reveal, but even if you know the ending of Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece, these facts may be able to shock you.

The Glowing Seas

the mag Sarah Laskow

From Puerto Rico to Bali to California, the oceans are alive with light.