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When Vladimir Nabokov Met Dr. Seuss

Caitlin Schneider

When the two writers met at a conference in 1949, it was mutual admiration at first sight.

How Uneducated Butchers and Barbers Became Today’s Skilled Surgeons

Suzanne Raga

Before anesthesia, surgery wasn't considered the work of a licensed medical professional.

The Sydney Opera House's Architect Never Saw His Design Completed

Jamie Wiebe

Jørn Utzon, the architect behind Sydney's famed Opera House, never got to see his greatest achievement completed.

17 Straightforward Facts About 'The Sixth Sense'

Roger Cormier

There's no twist ending to this story.

Why Is L.A. Traffic So Awful?

Lana Schwartz

10 Facts for Louis Armstrong’s Birthday

Mark Mancini

Every note that Armstrong let loose made the world feel a bit more wonderful.

Morning Cup of Links: Difficult TV Pets

Miss Cellania

These links are a great way to start your day!

Monaco's Pantone Cafe is a Beautiful Place to Eat

Rebecca OConnell

All the food gets its own Pantone color code.

Caterpillar's Sugary Cocktail Transforms Ants Into Aggressive Bodyguards

Hannah Keyser

Some ants love this caterpillar's sugary secretions—but once they drink it, the caterpillar rules them.

Get mental_floss Magazine's Big Questions Issue for Free!

Jessanne Collins the mag

Could a koala frame you for a crime? Find out in the September issue of mental_floss Magazine!

47 More Words That Sound Rude (But Actually Aren’t)

Paul Anthony Jones

These words sound a lot more suspect than their fairly mundane meanings might suggest.

This Is What Anne Frank's Arrest Looked Like

Erin Blakemore

Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis on this date in 1944.

The History (and Many Looks) of the Penguin Books Logo

Caitlin Schneider

A look back at the many transformations of one of the most recognizable mascots in the world.

25 Fascinating Facts About Dreams

Alvin Ward

John Green breaks down some little-known facts about what happens to our brains in la-la land.

6 DohVinci Interpretations of Classic Works of Art

Hayley Harding

In honor of Art Appreciation Month, the artistic wizards at Hasbro have recreated famous masterpieces out of a classroom staple.