Badass Princesses

Badass Princesses


Disneyland's Wonderful Wizard of Bras

Stacy Conradt

15 Things Former 'SimCity' Mayors Should Know

Janet Burns

If you stepped up to rule your own SimCity town in the early ‘90s, here are a few things you might’ve missed out on (in addition to food and sleep).

11 Things You Might Not Have Known About Garlic

Kate Erbland

April 19th is National Garlic Day! Celebrate with a few fun facts about this delicious, flavor-packed add-in that can do almost anything, from reducing your cholesterol to keeping vampires at bay.

First Roman Wood Toilet Seat Found at Vindolanda

livius drusus

7 Songs That Sound Like They're About Women (But Aren't)

Stacy Conradt

It’s always a bit unnerving when you’re certain you know what a song is about—then find out later you were way off base.

Name the TV Titles Based on Their Antonyms

How Does One Become A Knight?

Ethan Trex

Here are the answers to some of the most pressing knighthood-related questions.

10 Things We Learned About Aliens (and Hairspray) from Giorgio Tsoukalos’ AMA

Jennifer M Wood

The ‘Ancient Aliens’ star-turned-Internet meme shares his thoughts on extraterrestrial life and hairstyling.

The 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Captured in Amber

livius drusus

7 Tiny Books That Packed a Big Punch

the mag

Why Do Humans Have Chins?

Jessica Hullinger

It’s a diagnostic feature for our species, but its origins have been a mystery.

Pick the Final Word in These Song Titles

The Last Reel: A 35mm Movie Theater Goes Digital

Chris Higgins

13 Hitchcock Films That Were Never Made

Ethan Trex

Even legendary directors like Alfred Hitchcock don't always get their way.

How to Prevent Tears While Cutting Onions

Benjamin Smith the mag

Only two things make everyone tear up: the end of Old Yeller and chopping onions. There’s no cure for the dog movie, but we kitchen-tested 4 tricks for beating onions.