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A Queen-Inspired Monopoly Game Is on Its Way

Kirstin Fawcett

The British rock band will release their own personalized version of the classic board game in May.

Get Tuesday's Top Amazon Deals Now

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

Boston Public Schools Are Adopting a More Accurate World Map

Michele Debczak

The district began phasing out the Mercator map this month.

9 Foods That Are Just As Good Frozen As Fresh

Garrett Williams

Time to make space for some fresh herbs next to your frozen veggies and berries.

A Vacation Home Company Is Hiring Someone to Travel the World in Luxury

Michele Debczak

And the pay is $10,000 a month.

Scientists Develop Quick, Inexpensive Paper Blood Type Test

Kate Horowitz

The cheap test could do a world of good in the places that need it the most.

8 Movie Sequels Made Without Permission

Jake Rossen

Don't ask Martin Scorsese why someone made a sequel to 'Raging Bull.' He has no idea.

Visitors to LEGOLAND Japan Can Eat LEGO-Shaped French Fries

Michele Debczak

The newest LEGOLAND park fully embraces the theme.

7 Candy Bars You Can Now Get in Spreadable Form

Alvin Ward

If you're a fan of eating Nutella straight out of the jar, we have some great news: There are plenty of other sugary spreads for you to sink your spoon into.

Why the Laocoön Sculpture Had the Wrong Arm for Four Centuries

Stacy Conradt

When incomplete ancient sculptures are discovered, artists and art historians often try to figure out how the missing pieces originally looked. They don't always get it right.

You're Going to Make a Lot of Pizza With the TMNT Cookbook

Rebecca OConnell


Morning Cup of Links: Naming Dinosaurs

Miss Cellania

Awesome links for everyone!

That Crazy Thing Your Dog Does

Mental Floss Studios

When your dog randomly runs around like crazy, it's not actually crazy at all.

The Most Popular Foods in Each State, According to Pinterest

Kirstin Fawcett

Delicious meal inspiration, dished out by social media users across the country.

5 Questions: Spring Flowers

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