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15 Colorful Facts About 'Varsity Blues'

Roger Cormier

Chris Klein could have been the one who didn't want his father's life, but he was too tall.

We're Closing in on Discovering Planet 9 From Outer Space

David W Brown

If it's out there, it could be as big as Neptune.

How the Man Who Bombed Oregon Became an Honorary Citizen

Stacy Conradt

He came back 20 years later to try and make amends.

John Cleese Recaps Six Seasons of 'The Walking Dead'

Jake Rossen

The British comedian needs just four minutes to get you up to speed.

5 Scientific Ways Your Senses Rule Your Love Life

Shaunacy Ferro

You may not even realize how much your sense of smell or taste is influencing who you fall in love with.

How Your Office's Social Culture Can Affect Your Health

Gwendolyn Purdom

New research shows just how important it is to get along with your coworkers.

Watch Tesla’s Fully-Autonomous Vehicle in Action

Michele Debczak

From now on every Tesla will include self-driving hardware.

Scrotum Frogs Near Lake Titicaca Die Off in Alarming Numbers

Michele Debczak

Scientists are still unsure of the cause.

11 Secrets of Wildlife Photographers

Erica Cirino

Learn to think like an animal.

Pick the '90s Best Picture Winners

Take the quiz!

When Count Chocula Courted Controversy

Jake Rossen

The General Mills monster cereals have been a hit for decades--aside from Franken Berry doing strange things to a kid's poop.

Lookups of 'Ombre' Spiked During Debate After "Bad Hombres" Comment

Arika Okrent

You Have to See Thursday's Top Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, October 20.

6 Classic Séance Tricks Explained

Michele Debczak

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many mediums deceived their way to fame.

Look Up! The Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight

David W Brown

It will be a veritable fusillade of meteors hurled by the phantom limbs of Halley's comet.