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Morning Cup of Links: Clowns and Other Politicians

Miss Cellania

Our Favorite Political Movies. Watch one or two while you pass the time between voting and listening to the returns roll in tonight. Some are available online, like Dr. Strangelove and Mr.

What the _floss??

David K. Israel

Not sure how many people listen to NPR's All Things Considered, but it's a wonderful show, made even more wonderful today by a Jesse Sheidlower interview.

The mental_floss road show

Terri Dann

This weekend, the Birmingham crew spent two beautiful afternoons at Alabama's Moss Rock Art Festival, spreading the mental_floss love.

The Quick 10: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Michelle Obama

Stacy Conradt

We know lots "“ maybe way too much "“ about John McCain and Barack Obama. And we know a little bit about their wives, too.

10 Memorable Moments From Forgotten Campaigns

Joseph Cummins

As we approach the finish line of the presidential election, Joseph Cummins is here to share some of the underappreciated moments, dirty tricks and cheap shots that marked past campaigns. Mr.

Early Bird Gets the Internet Worm

Chris Higgins

When Robert Tappan Morris was a graduate student at Cornell in 1988, he had a clever idea: he would release a self-replicating program (or "worm") onto the Internet, reportedly in an effort

Your Photos: A Very Flossy Halloween

Ransom Riggs

Last week we asked you to send us picture of your Halloween costumes, and did you ever! Picking our favorites was no easy task.

Let's Make a Deal: 6 of Baseball's Strangest Trades

Jason Plautz

Now that the World Series is over, baseball's offseason has officially begun. There are plenty of high-power free agents, but the real drama is on the trade market.

Anyone Can Play Guitar - Lesson No. 6

David K. Israel

Welcome back. Today we'll be learning how to read chord charts and TAB (guitar tablature).


Miss Cellania

As happens every year, just as soon as I get the old garden cleaned up for the winter, I start thinking about what to plant next year. I'm starting all over

Brain Game: Bradymania #1

Some of you may recall a 1973 fourth-season episode of the Brady Bunch titled Amateur Nite, in which the six kids purchase a silver platter for their parents' anniversary.

Morning Cup of Links: David Foster Wallace

Miss Cellania

How we used to vote. Political shenanigans and dirty tricks are just business as usual. * The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace.

Aaah! Real Monsters: The Science Behind the Legends

Matt Soniak

In my last post, I took a quick tour through a few hundred years worth of vampire, werewolf and zombie folklore to see how the icons of horror fiction in legend differ from their modern interpretation

Die Dame: Hannah Höch

Andréa Fernandes

In honor of the 119th anniversary of her birth, today's "Feel Art Again" features Hannah Höch (1889-1978) at the request of reader Adrienne.

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

From Neatorama, the origin of everyday punctuation marks.