11 Classic Posters You Might've Had on Your Wall

Kara Kovalchik

Well, most likely you wouldn't have had all 11 of these iconic posters on your wall simultaneously, but if you grew up in a certain era you probably either owned or saw one of the following poste

11 Tweets That Led to a Whole Mess of Legal Trouble

Adrienne Crezo

While some might argue that 140 characters aren't enough to adequately express a thought or have a conversation, others have discovered that a tweet or two is all it takes to end up in a courtroo

11 Geeky Craft Creations, Including Rainbow Brite vs. Strawberry Shortcake

Jill Harness

There's a lot of variety in geek crafting.

From Pennies to Chocolate: 11 Examples of Creative Flooring

Bill DeMain


John Cazale's Amazing Best Picture Streak

Ethan Trex

John Cazale passed away on this date in 1978. His brief stay in Hollywood generated one of the more interesting bodies of work in modern

11 Weird and Wonderful Lists on Wikipedia

Chris Higgins

While we're celebrating a day of lists, I thought I'd go a little meta with this list of lists. Wikipedia is home to a lot of odd things, including...lists!

Brain Game: Math Square #113

The Brain Game opens a new week with a Monday Math Square. I tried to include a few 11s to coincide with our 11-on-12 theme.

Morning Cup of Links: Brazilian Batman, Jerusalem Joker

Miss Cellania

Officials in Taubaté, Brazil have hired a veteran to patrol neighborhoods dressed as Batman.

5 Questions: "Mum"s the Word

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11 Photos Celebrating Women Workers of World War I

Jill Harness

While you’ve probably seen hundreds of images of women working in factories during World War II, that wasn’t the first time women joined the workforce to help fill in for the millions of men sent out

11 Peculiar Meetings Between Famous People

Bill DeMain

You'd expect famous people to know other famous people. But maybe not these famous people.

Where Is That Tournament-Bound School? (2012 Edition)

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You’ve printed your bracket. You’ve decided which 12 seed will upset which 5 seed. You’ve even started fake coughing to make it seem slightly more plausible when you call in sick on Thursday. While you’re waiting for the play-in games to tip-off, can you figure out where these 11 tourney-bound schools are located?

Weekend Links: Why Daylight Saving Time May Kill You

Allison Keene

I am no fan of Daylight Saving Time, and now I have even more fuel to add to that fire, because apparently ... springing forward could kill you.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you

Weekend Links: Christopher Walken's "Where The Wild Things Are"

Allison Keene

There are plenty of videos out there with Christopher Walken reading things from "The Raven" to Gaga lyrics, but I particularly like his improvisation of "Where the Wild Things Are"