Jimmy Crack Corn

David K. Israel

With all the interest in ethanol these days, it got me wondering if there were other ways to produce it, without using corn, a crop highly subsidized by our tax dollars. Turns out, there are many:

Students Cheating Methods so Extreme They Cause Bleeding?

Will Pearson

With 9.5 million students fighting for only 2.6 million spots in Chinese universities, some students are going to extreme measures to score higher on admissions tests. One student "used earpho

The Failure of the Pepsi Challenge

Will Pearson


For those whose favorite Roth is David Lee


I generally don't go to the kind of gatherings where I might be asked for my opinion of Philip Roth's new book, Everyman -- I mean, I spent my weekend at Six Flags -- but, as I'm sur



Today is Juneteenth, one of those American holidays that involves neither getting off work or buying a card, and so is therefore more or less forgotten.

Outsourcing the blog, #2


I have been meaning to blog about Ze Frank, the crackbaby lovechild of Jon Stewart and Greg Kinnear, for about as long as this blog has existed (which admittedly isn't long).

Return of the Chimera?

David K. Israel

Picking up on Will's pacemaker post, how about this fascinating article today on Breitbart. In China, there are 29 goats running around on a farm with human cells coursing through their organs,

Drop it like a computer program told you that it was 80% hot

Mangesh Hattikudur

The BBC's reporting that recording giants like Sony BMG have started using computer programs rather than their ears to determine whether they have a hit song on their hands.  More specifically,

Outsourcing the blog, #1


I am crazy busy today, so I'm letting my friend Aaron do my work for me -- he just sent me this email and I had to share it with the rest of you, especially as you've already demonstrated i

Z Power

David K. Israel

What's smaller than a VW Golf but larger than a Smartcar and being sold as art at the Guggenheim in New York? Oh, did I forget to mention it's shaped like a drop of water? Stumped?

Pacemaker made of Human Cells

Will Pearson


Mexican Criminals Urinate When they See This Candidate Coming

Will Pearson

Mexico is just a few weeks away from electing a new president and the race is getting more heated every day.

Should I let my baby play in the sewer?

Will Pearson

Okay, so I'm not really wondering that but it seems like studies continue to come out that indicate that it's better for children to be exposed to dirt and other irritants early in life so t

Mars and her Moons

David K. Israel

My post yesterday about Hawking's vision of a colonized Mars got me searching the internet for more information on the red planet.

Spam spam spam spam spam


I just got the best piece of weight-loss spam I've ever seen.