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The Great British Venn Diagram

Chris Higgins

I've always had a problem figuring out the difference between terms for British nationality -- most notably the difference between "British" and "English." I've also bee

2 things that made me happy this morning

Mangesh Hattikudur

So, like the title implies, 2 things made me really happy this morning: 1) That our onesies are FINALLY on sale in the mental_floss store.

College Weekend In Review

Jason English

On Saturday and Sunday, we posted several great articles by up-and-coming student writers.

Happy birthday to them!

David K. Israel

As you might know, tomorrow is February 12th. It's also the 199th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

The First Time News Was Fit To Print: The Candidates

Jason English

In case you missed our first twenty-six volumes or the greatest hits edition, let me explain.

The HumanCar LMV Imagineâ„¢

Miss Cellania

Fossil fuels are expensive, non-renewable in the short term, and are the root of some major geopolitical tensions. Biofuels are causing problems with the production of food for our planet.

February 11th, 2008

Miss Cellania

The Evolution of Tech Company Logos. There are big stories behind the small changes. * If he had invented a longevity machine, Thomas Edison would have been 161 years old today.

College Weekend: The Application Process

College Weekend

If you're a college student and fancy yourself a future College Weekend correspondent, here's how to apply: Send an email to collegeweekend@gmail.com.

The Origins of Your Favorite Video Game Friends

College Weekend

You guys already know that I love Guitar Hero, but my video game fascination began a long time ago. One of my favorite Nintendo games back in the day was Burger Time. And who can resist Frogger?

Weekend Genius Challenge #19: We LUV it!

Ah, remember in your early teens when you were head-over-heels gaga over someone? When you were in "LUV"? Not love, but luv?

That Kid From Superbad Ain't Got Nothing On Me

College Weekend

I find it kind of hard to write an introduction for myself, so I'll do it from the perspective of my dog (Patton, the little one): "I don't like this article very much because I - hey,

5 Mind-Numbingly Long Movies

College Weekend

Although you might think Andy Luttrell is majoring in film, you'd be wrong. He's a sophomore psych major at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill.

Sixth Caption Contest Finalists!

David K. Israel

The New Yorker cartoonist Zach Kanin has reviewed our latest caption contest entries and winnowed it down to 7 finalists. Now the fun really begins: it's up to YOU to pick the winner.

Weekend Word Wrap: Tom Swifty Finalists!

David K. Israel

[There's still time to get the vote out!] I've read through the nearly 200 Tom Swifties you all sent in for The Best Tom Swifty in the World!! competition.

4 Lost Civilizations (and what might have happened to them)

College Weekend

I've been to Pompeii, the Italian town that was buried by the 79 CE eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.