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The Long Take: What's the Big Deal Already?

Ransom Riggs

Ah, the long tracking shot -- cinema's most pretentious device.

Because I'm a sucker for completely insane soccer ads...

Mangesh Hattikudur

As someone who practiced bicycles and rainbows in my backyard daily and never used either in a game (it's hard to do them from the bench), I was totally mesmerized by this ad.

4 Famous TV Co-workers (who struggled to get along)

Kara Kovalchik

Every work environment has its personality conflicts "“ that one co-worker that gets on your last nerve. Sure, you can do your best to avoid that person.

Body Odor Through the Ages: A Brief History of Deodorant

Stefanie Fontanez

I got my first stick of deodorant as a preteen. It was Teen Spirit and made me smell like baby powder and berries.

5 Things I Didn't Know about Poop

David K. Israel

I have poop on the brain today. Someone gave my 6-month old son Jack a copy of Everyone Poops even though we're nowhere near that stage yet.

Buy the World's Greatest Music Collection

Chris Higgins

Record collector Paul Mawhinney is selling his personal collection, including three million records, 300,000 CDs, and much, much more. Mawhinney is also throwing

L.A.'s Uncanniest Eatery

Ransom Riggs

Opened in 1935, it's said that the over-the-top decor at Clifton's Cafeteria inspired Walt Disney to create his theme park.

Another amazing fact...

Mangesh Hattikudur

Our amazing fact generator is unstoppable! It just keeps churning out one great fact after another. If you haven't witnessed it for yourself, be sure to click

Dietribes: Smoothies

Allison Keene

Mmm, Smoothies. A delicious and refreshing snack (and depending on the size, possibly a meal).

VIII Random Facts About Henry VIII

Stacy Conradt

I am normally not one for historical fiction, but a couple of years ago I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory and thoroughly enjoyed it.

7 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites

David K. Israel

Okay, so by now it's no longer taboo to say you met your significant other on the Internet. My wife and I met online and so have a number of people we know.

Feel Art Again: "Lady Lilith"

Andréa Fernandes

The Rossetti family, helmed by Gabriele and Frances, was thoroughly enmeshed in the arts.

Victory Mail: WWII's Patriotic Post

Chris Higgins

Stationed overseas? Want to send a love letter to your sweetheart, or check up on the farm back home? Currently reading this blog via some kind of time-travel wormhole to World War II?

Pictures From Our Readers: Ill-Advised Business Names

Ransom Riggs

The response to our second reader photo challenge was great, and we got a ton of hilarious submissions! We're posting most of them here, and all of them on our Flickr page.

A Mister Rogers Milestone

Jason English

One of our most popular posts was Mangesh's '15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever' from last May.