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Morning Cup of Links: Fireworks Fails

Miss Cellania

The streets of Newcastle, England were not only inundated by rain, but also invaded by a Dalek, ingeniously disguised as a garbage bin. * The Supreme Court decided not to hear the case of Janet Jack

How Drinking Can Solve All Your (Word Association) Problems

Meghan Holohan

Ryan McVay/Photodisc Here's a gem for your next round of barstool trivia: a recent study shows that people who have a couple drinks solve brainteasers faster—and get more correct answers—than

Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas Worked for Colonel Sanders

Colin Patrick

Long before he was Biggie-sizing your burger and Frosty order, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas worked for Colonel Sanders.

Weekend Links: Shakespearean Hokey Pokey

Allison Keene

Gary Oldman speaks out against a very dangerous trend - athletes turning into actors! Fun fact: they had to shoot this an additional three times because he kept making the basket at the end.

Armchair Field Trip: Iowa's Stonehenge

Stacy Conradt

Have you ever wanted to speed across a bridge that’s half a mile long and 13 stories in the air, pretending you’re in Tron? Yeah, me too.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

Adam Savage Made His Own "Indiana Jones" Bullwhip

Chris Higgins

In this eight-minute video, MythBuster Adam Savage describes the construction of a replica Indiana Jones bullwhip.

Weekend Links: Sorkinisms

Allison Keene

Whether you loved or loathed Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show Newsroom, there is no denying that the art of the Sorkinism is alive and well.

The Ambiguous Origins of the Hokey Pokey

Eddie Deezen

"You put your right foot in, You put your right foot out, You put your right foot in, And you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey, And you turn it all around, That's what it

What's the Difference Between a Street and a Road?

Matt Soniak

Reader Brit asks: "Is there any rhyme or reason to calling a road an avenue, a boulevard, a street or a lane? Is it just at the discretion of whoever names the

Why Does Everything Look Green Through Night Vision Goggles?

Matt Soniak

The characteristic green tint is by design, for a few reasons.

The Late Movies: Funny Weather

Miss Cellania

There's nothing funny about fires in Colorado and a heat wave across the United States. But maybe watching somebody else's forecast will make you feel better! Hot Enough For Ya?

The Missing Links: The Politics of Alien Invasions

Colin Patrick

In 1984, a 7th-Grader Wrote This Letter to President Reagan "Today my mother declared my bedroom a disaster area.

A Brief and Incomplete History of Launching Animals Into Space

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Pretty much ever since humans discovered flight, we’ve been strapping animals into our new devices just to see what would happen. Over the last 330 years or so, we’ve launched dogs, cats, chimps, m

Pencils Down: Scantron Inventor Michael Sokolski Has Died

Chris Higgins

(Modern Scantron test sheet; photo by Josh Davis, used under CC license.) We learned this week that Michael Sokolski, a soldier, engineer, and inventor of the Scantron, died on June 13.