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The Late Movies: Songs About Whales

Erica Palan

In 1820, an 80-ton sperm whale attacked the Essex, a whaling ship from Nantucket, when it was 2,000 miles away from the western coast of South America.

The Word "Droid" is a Registered Trademark of LucasFilm Ltd.

Daven Hiskey

Daven Hiskey runs the wildly popular interesting fact website Today I Found Out. To subscribe to his “Daily Knowledge” newsletter, click

4 Big Differences Between Canadian and American Thanksgiving

Amanda Green

When you're sitting down for Turkey Day dinner, wow your relatives with factoids about a few of the differences between Canadian and American Thanksgiving.1. Canada probably did it

The Missing Links: Diabolical Villains Love Their Fruit Pies

Colin Patrick

The Boy Who Found A Dead President

4 Early American Politicians Rocked by Sex Scandals

Kathy Benjamin

General David Petraeus resigned his position and ended any hope of a run for the presidency over a sex scandal.

How to Build a Blue Whale Without Having Seen One: Part II

Matt Soniak

The 28-foot rear section of the 94-foot model of the blue whale being raised to join the front section in the Hall of Ocean Life in 1969. The two sections will be locked together.

8 Thanksgiving Flowcharts

Miss Cellania

Holidays, especially traditional family holidays, come loaded with many decisions to make. Luckily, flowcharts give us a geeky shortcut to making those decisions.

Ken Burns on the Making of His New Documentary, The Dust Bowl

Erin McCarthy

Ken Burns's latest documentary, The Dust Bowl, focuses on the greatest man-made ecological disaster in American history—a decade-long drought that overlapped with the Great Depression.

The First Thanksgiving Didn't Actually Take Place in America

Daven Hiskey

Daven Hiskey runs the wildly popular interesting fact website Today I Found Out. To subscribe to his “Daily Knowledge” newsletter, click

Brain Game: Mo MO

If you take away one thing from today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge, remember that the Missouri - not the mighty Mississippi - is the longest river in North America, ru

Morning Cup of Links: Red Pandas

Miss Cellania

Are you flying out to visit family for Thanksgiving? Look what's waiting for you at the 25 Worst Airports in America. * “Boy, now I know how the pilgrims felt”: 20 impromptu TV Thanksgivings.

5 Questions: White Meat or Dark?

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World War I Centennial: Bulgarian Offensive Halted at Chataldzha

Erik Sass

Installment #44: After scoring stunning victories over the Turks at Kirk Kilisse, October 22-24, 1912, and Lule Burgas, October 28-November 3, the Bulgarians pursued the retreating Turks until the lat

The Late Movies: Savion Glover

Andréa Fernandes

Today is the 39th birthday of tap dance virtuoso Savion Glover.

Grasshoppers Have Evolved to Deal With Our Noise

Jill Harness

Image courtesy of Flickr user driverevan Anyone who has ever lived by a busy street can tell you just how loud traffic can get.