So Uncool It's Cool: The Corduroy Club


I was in Georgia this weekend, so tragically, I missed the second annual meeting of the Corduroy Club, an organization so ridiculous and Dave Eggers-ish that I'm sure it actually does exist.

And then there was the Leaf Personal Light


Even more awesome gadgetry! These two lamps are both on American Inventor Spot's new list of great office supplies.

Special of the Day for Blog Readers

Will Pearson

15% off our 2007 "Spot The Big Fat Lie" Desk Calendar. When checking out, you'll have the opportunity to put in the discount code "desk" and the discount will be applied.

Just the thing for your favorite tapeworm enthusiast!


Since Mangesh is all about the wacky inventions today, I thought I'd put this one up too -- because I need a verdict: Is this incredibly cool, or is it Hypercolor in a science-y (and somewhat gr

David Lynch: geniusy, if not a genius

Ransom Riggs

Like many media-saturated cinephiles my age, I grew up loving Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, the often-overlooked Elephant Man and the rest of David Lynch's bizarre canon.

Why I will be hanging out in front of my fridge for the next week

Mangesh Hattikudur

If Magnetic Poetry and your kindergartener's refrigerator art work has lost its charm, perhaps it's time to invest in something that will put that geeky smile back on your face: Frigits Delu

The Sweet Strums of the Air Guitar

Mangesh Hattikudur

Yahoo News is reporting today that Australian researchers have just developed a t-shirt that turns the sweet music of air guitar-ing into a reality.

IQ-tips timewarp trip: Television

David K. Israel

You guys seemed to appreciate last week's IQ-tips on remote control etiquette so much, it gave me an idea: how about we take a journey through the etiquette of our past, an IQ-tips timewarp trip.

Catching Scarlet Fever

Jason English

"The last big football game Rutgers played was the first college football game ever," the great Tony Kornheiser said last Thursday, referring to a 6-4 victory over Princeton in 1869.

Fight like a man

Ransom Riggs

For nearly 80 years, it was dismissed as a folktale. A budding journalist in a male-dominated field, Dorothy Lawrence was nineteen years old, British, and the year was 1915.

The Wah-Wah-Wah-Week in Review


After watching the video of the Helsinki Complaints Choir a few dozen times (and having the song stuck in my head all week), I couldn't help but gripe this week about all the other stuff that wa

TED, three men, and a little lady


As you may recall, Will, Mangesh and I traveled to the Idea Festival a few weeks ago, and one of the speakers we had the privilege of hearing was Burt Rutan -- who believes you can fly, provided you

The Best Phrase To Applaud Innovation Since 'Sliced Bread'

Jason English

"It's the best thing know what" has replaced its sliced bread predecessor as the go-to saying when praising innovation. This is lazy and this is a

Geo-stumper: Name this metropolitan volcano

Ransom Riggs

Hello, I'm a volcano. (Well, almost -- I'm a volcanic cinder cone, the simplest kind of volcano.

Sorry, we're not making that these-boots pun


Y'know, as fun as it is to give Alex Kuczynski a hard time, occasionally her shopping column in the Times provides some useful information. "Real Texas cowboys started manufacturing somethi