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Why Do Flocks of Geese Fly in a “V” Shape?

Matt Soniak

In large swaths of the U.S.

Why Does the Moon Sometimes Look Huge?

Chris Higgins

Have you ever seen the moon floating above the horizon of your city, and noticed that it looked oddly huge? I sure have.

Brain Game: Don't Fail Me Now

Remember the old kids' joke "Why can't a hand be 12 inches long?

9 of the Biggest Trades in Baseball History—And How They Worked Out

Danny Groner

The Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins pulled off a blockbuster deal on Tuesday night that sends Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, and others to Toronto in exchange for several young players an

Morning Cup of Links: Skydiving Cats

Miss Cellania

How many Princess Bride references can you fit into a half-hour show about football? Here are the highlights. * A Swedish TV ad for who-knows-what features skydiving cats in formation.

5 Questions: Samantha Martina

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The Late Movies: Intense Medical Drama Theme Songs

Erica Palan

I’ve recently started watching the classic sitcom Cheers from the start of the series.

11 Acts of Kindness in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Stacy Conradt

SHANNON STAPLETON/Reuters/Landov Between election bad blood and ongoing hurricane horror stories, there's no shortage of negative news right now.

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Taxidermy

Erin McCarthy

The Deyrolle Taxidermy Shop in Paris, which was established in 1831. Think all there is to taxidermy is stuffing an animal? Think again.

The Missing Links: 11 Outstanding Links

Colin Patrick

In keeping with today's theme, here are 11 wonderful links for your clicking

11 People Who Lived to Read Their Own Obituaries

Kathy Benjamin

You might think that the death of a famous person would be relatively easy to double check before reporting it—but you would be wrong.

11 Awesomely Unexpected Things in St. Louis’s City Museum

Erin McCarthy

It’s hard to describe St. Louis’s City Museum to people who haven’t been there, but calling it a giant playground is a good place to start.

11 Word of the Year Candidates That Didn't Catch On

Adrienne Crezo

To the dismay of many people with swag, "GIF" edged out "YOLO" to become the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year.

Hogwarts: The Quiz

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In J.K. Rowling's bestselling Harry Potter series, Harry and his friends attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the preeminent fictional school for magical folk.

Note: These questions are based on information found in the books, which could differ from the way the school is depicted in the movies.

11 Weird Fashion And Beauty Trends From Around The World

Bill DeMain

If you just don't get the Oliver Twist-esque street urchin look that defines hipster fashion, or the weird, two-tone hair (it's called ombre!) that so many celebrities have, you'll be d