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Yes, it's the Star Trek Theme played on a Musical Saw

David K. Israel

This is hauntingly beautiful! Our friend Michael Tapp shot this video in the NYC subway system. Check it

The Number of the Day: 40%

Colin Patrick

During its 62 years of operation, the immigration station at Ellis Island welcomed in excess of 12 million immigrants to the United States. As a result, an estimated 40% of U.S.

Brain Game: What a Relief

Good luck with this week's Wednesday Wordplay challenge. What common, four-letter, one-syllable English word can be converted into a three-syllable English word by adding an "O" to

Morning Cup of Links: the Sonic Hedgehog Gene

Miss Cellania

Form Constants and the Visual Cortex. Science explains why hallucinations tend to be similar no matter what the cause or the cultural background of the visualizer.

5 Questions: Five Bloody Questions

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

The mental_floss Guide to the NCAAs (The Southeast)

Ethan Trex

We may not be much help in filling out your bracket.

The Quick 8: Eight Tweets that Ended in Pink Slips

Stacy Conradt

Newsflash: Tweeting stupid things can cost you your job.

The Late Movies: Readers' Choice Power Ballads

Erica Palan

Due to fantastic reader response to last week’s Late Movies: Power Ballads, we’re back with a handful of suggestions taken directly from our commenters.

What Lies Beneath: Libya's Great Manmade River

Erik Sass

© Inacio Rosa/epa/Corbis Muammar Qaddafi is clearly hated by many of his own people, and rightly so: in addition to kidnapping, torturing, and murdering political dissidents, over 40 years of misru

The Chef Who Plays With His Food

Jill Harness

If you think this is a picture of nachos, you'd be forgiven. That was most certainly the intention of Homaro Cantu when he created the dish.

Letterman or Leno?

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My brother doesn't like Jay Leno. If I tell my brother a joke from Jay Leno's monologue, he won't laugh. But if I said David Letterman told the same joke, he'd probably love it. In today's quiz, all you have to do is correctly state whether the monologue joke is from Leno or Letterman.

Dissecting Elmo Live

Chris Higgins

Elmo Live is a fairly complex robot -- for an Elmo toy, anyway.

The Ides of March

Miss Cellania

Today is March 15th, which is known as the Ides of March. So, what does that mean, exactly? And how are we supposed to celebrate? The

Sketching all of New York

Colin Patrick

The website All of the Buildings in New York exists for one reason. To display illustrations. Illustrations of what, you ask? Illustrations of all the buildings in New York.

Brain Game: Elgin Tufnel

For today's Tuesday Test Time, you'll be given a list of names. The last names are fine as-is, but the first names are words that are all jumbled up.