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Brain Game: New Jerseys

Well, we've done a 3x3 logic puzzle, and a 4x4. I went crazy last week and did a 3x3x3. Today, I pull out all the stops with a 9x9.

Evolving Mona Lisa

Chris Higgins

Last month I pointed to a stunt (er, experiment?) in which the Mythbusters painted Leonardo's Mona Lisa using a computer-controlled paint gun.

11 Notable Presidential Pardons

Ethan Trex

As George W. Bush's second term winds to a close, he's being inundated with requests for pardons.

6 Reasons Why James Lipton is the Coolest

Jason Plautz

As host of Inside the Actor's Studio, James Lipton has garnered a reputation as a stuffy academic, throwing around words like "existential" and sounding out every syllable in "ext

The 4pm Quiz: Skin Disease or Dungeons & Dragons Character? (#69)

Jason English

At 4pm each day in December, we'll be counting down some of our most popular quizzes.

The Quick 10: The 10 Worst Christmas Movies Ever

Stacy Conradt

I did Holiday Horror the other day, so this is similar... just a different brand of horror. This list is from the guys over at Film School Rejects.

The Queen of Cool & the Sandman: The people who make our blue jeans

Special Guest Star

by Kelsey Timmerman, author of Where Am I Wearing? In my global quest to answer the question "Where Am I Wearing?" I picked my favorite items out of my wardrobe and traced them back to

The Daily Routines of Interesting People

Ransom Riggs

Everyone's got a routine, especially people who make a living writing or painting or doing some other kind of self-directed creative activity; you've got to provide the mind a structured spa

Not Your Everyday Holiday Gift Wrap

Miss Cellania

Take a step away from red and green foil paper and satin bows under the Christmas tree!

Brain Game: Sandy's Shopping Spin

Have you ever grabbed a shopping cart while entering a grocery store or department store, just to find someone's discarded shopping list inside? Well, I have.

Morning Cup of Links: the Unforgettable Amnesiac

Miss Cellania

The Unforgettable Amnesiac.

Caption Contest No. 13 Finalists

David K. Israel

Thanks to all who entered our 13th Caption Contest.

A Night at the Guggenheim

Chris Higgins

Software guy Anil Dash and his wife Alaina had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: they spent a night inside the Guggenheim.

The 4pm Quiz: Greek Mythology (#76)

Jason English

Checking in at #76 on the quiz countdown is Brett Savage's test of your Greek mythology knowledge. Have at it. Take the Quiz: Is It Greek To

The Quick 10: 10 Things You Didn't Know the Names Of

Stacy Conradt

Maybe this should be titled "10 Things Stacy Didn't Know the Names Of." I suppose I shouldn't assume that you are all as sheltered as I am.