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5 Questions: Got "Spirit"?

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11 Wonderful Libraries in Africa

Jill Harness

We’ve brought you beautiful European, South American, North American and Asian libraries, so now it’s time for some of the most amazing libraries in Africa. 1. Library of

World War I Centennial: Imagining the Demise of France

Erik Sass

Installment #26: One of the big questions facing historians of the First World War is the role played by popular nationalism in the outbreak of hostilities.

5 Disorders Caused by the Internet, TV, Magazines and Movies

Adrienne Crezo

Blame the media!

The Late Movies: Shows Within Shows

Erica Palan

Last week, I shared six fictional bands—and many loyal commenters reminded me of awesomely overlooked fake band Spinal Tap. This week, I've been thinking about fake TV shows.

The Missing Links: Pee-wee Herman Has A Tron Light Cycle*

Colin Patrick

Golf Detroit. Not On A Detroit Golf Course. Just Detroit Itself. Charlie Leduff attempts to better understand the Motor City by grabbing his golf clubs and hitting a ball across the entire city.

AC/DC: The Tesla–Edison Feud

Maggie Ryan Sandford

You’ve probably heard about the famous rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison—both giants of electrical engineering whose innovations changed history.

Dance Move or Colorful Term for the Runs?

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Have you ever seen a dance move and thought, "They just look like they have to poop"? Or have you seen someone run to the bathroom and thought, "Look at that dance"? Well, when the time comes, could you tell the difference between the two? Do you know your diarrhea nicknames from your dance crazes?

Vi Hart Makes a Video About Making a Video About Making a Video

Chris Higgins

Vi Hart makes videos primarily about math (we've written about her before). But how does she make the videos?

Why Were CD Boxes So Big in the Early 1990s?

Bill DeMain

Image credit: Daniel R. Tobias/Wikimedia CommonsI was working at Tower Records back in the late 1980s, when the compact disc started replacing the vinyl LP. Beyond the arguments over the analog vs.

Ice Cream or Not Ice Cream?

Miss Cellania

Ice cream by any other name would taste as sweet, right?

17 Famous Literary Characters Almost Named Something Else

Stacy Conradt

Here’s the story of famous characters who experienced an identity change before publication.

Brain Game: Hey, Nineteen

America's states are favorite subjects for the mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge. Good luck! Which non-coastal U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: Levitating Light

Miss Cellania

Is the Web Driving Us Mad?

5 Questions: The "Rum"my Quiz

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