Weekend Word Wrap

David K. Israel

Welcome to the first in a series of Friday afternoon posts meant to hold you through the weekend.

Astronauts running low on oxygen? No problem, they've got urine.

Will Pearson


Extra, extra


A la Slate's "Today's Papers," I glean the best stuff from the country's top three newspapers so you don't have to: "Forging Ahead in Moscow," from the LA Ti

Video of "celebrities:" It's genius!


Sydney Brenner is a brilliant biologist, Freeman Dyson is a fantastic physicist, W.D.


David K. Israel

It's hard to remember a time when emoticons weren't part of our typed vernacular.

They're blue, da ba dee, da ba die


I know it's not nice to make fun of people from "the hills of eastern Kentucky" (I'm from the hills of eastern Georgia, so there's a pot-kettle dynamic), but the Kircher Socie

I'd rather not think of sleep as being dangerous

Will Pearson


TV reporting...dangerous


On The New Republic's blog, The Plank, today, Michael Crowley hits us with this posting: 'A Fox News correspondent just reported from the scene of the latest California wildfire about one

Just when you thought it was safe...

David K. Israel let the chicken die, Reuters reports today that an egg has been laid with the word "Allah" inscribed on its shell.

Is this dress brown, or is it green?


Say what you will about eco-warrior Alex Martin, for the past year she hasn't once looked in her closet and thought "I have nothing to wear." That's because every single day from J

You can't keep a good man down


Minggu Mang anak Madang recently described himself to Malaysian newspapers as being "the living dead," but don't worry, he's not about to terrorize y'all's neighborhood:

Somewhere Over the Lightning

David K. Israel

Were I a shepherd tending to my flock 4000 years ago, this is the kind of natural phenomenon that would have turned me into a scribe or an oracle, verily I say unto thee. According to The Daily Mai

Tiny brain-computer used to help paralyzed patients

Will Pearson

ScienceDaily has a fascinating article about research being done to help paralyzed patients. A multi-institutional team of researchers has found that people with long-standing, severe paralysis can

There's a reason his name is one letter away from "Gigli"


Jim Guigli, a retiree from Carmichael (no relation), California, is the winner of this year's Bulwer-Lytton bad writing contest, named after the dashing gent pictured at left, who gave us "I

Here Chikichicky

David K. Israel

Because you know these chicken facts will come in handy later.... The longest recorded flight time of a chicken is 13 seconds. A chicken that just lost its head can run the length of a football