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'Hidden Figures' Is Now This Year's Highest-Grossing Best Picture Nominee

Jay Serafino

The movie just beat out 'La La Land' as Oscar night looms.

5 Gross-Out Games for Kids

Mental Floss UK

Warning: Don't bring these out in front of polite company.

Elevate Your Coloring With Books From 67 Library Collections

Shaunacy Ferro

Color in images from the archives of the Smithsonian Libraries, JSTOR, and more.

How Used Coffee Grounds Could Save Refugee Lives

Kate Horowitz

A recycled, coffee-based fuel log eliminates the need for women and children to embark on dangerous trips to collect firewood for cooking.

New Twitter Features Aim to Stop Harassment

Shaunacy Ferro

Changes to Twitter's account creation process, searches, and replies are designed to shield users from the site’s biggest trolls.

10 Roaring Facts About Jaguars

Mark Mancini

4. Jaguars will take on bears.

How Were Hieroglyphics Deciphered?


It was a tricky task!

Don't Trust Groundhogs? Try These Weather-Predicting Animals

Mental Floss Studios

The groundhog isn't the only animal in the prognostication game.

This Valentine's Day, Enjoy Chocolate Ramen in Tokyo

Kirstin Fawcett

The toppings include a piece of chocolate and chocolate powder-coated foie gras balls with a chocolate center.

A 'Vertical Forest' Is Coming to China

Michele Debczak

The towers will act as more than just a pretty facade; they'll absorb 25 tons of CO2 per year and emit about 132 pounds of oxygen per day.

10 Islands Currently for Sale—And How Much They Cost

Mental Floss UK

In case you're looking for a private piece of paradise.

Man's Pacemaker Helps Implicate Him in Arson

Jake Rossen

An alleged arsonist may have been betrayed by his own heart-assist device.

A London Brewery Is Giving Away Free Beer Every Time It Rains

Kirstin Fawcett

Follow London Pride—the flagship beer made by Fuller's Brewery—on Twitter to score your free pint.

Human Zoetrope? How One Man's Ring of Tattoos Transforms Into an Animation

Michele Debczak

When the subject turns, his "animated tattoo" springs to life.

Score Big Savings With Amazon's Best Tuesday Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...