Brain Game

Math Square #232

Brain Game

Math Square #232

Awful Roommates

Awful Roommates


10 Coffee Facts From the Amazing Fact Generator

Jason English

Today is National Coffee Day!

Disney's 1945 "ABC Of Hand Tools"

Chris Higgins

10 Verbs with Two Past-Tense Forms That Creeped (or Crept) into English, posted by Arika Okrent

Brain Game: Math Square #234

Sandy Wood

30 Fun Facts About 'The Voyage of the Mimi'

Erin McCarthy

Thirty years ago this month, the groundbreaking educational science series debuted on PBS.


Where Do the Amish Go for Vacation?

Stacy Conradt

10 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes

Paul Anthony Jones

6 Modern Societies Where Women Literally Rule

Laura Turner Garrison

Who runs the world? In these six societies: Girls.

14 Essential Talking Points About The Berenstain Bears

Maggie Ryan Sandford

Here’s how to steer a predictable discussion about teamwork and manners to one on sex and panda discrimination.

The Flying Flivver: Henry Ford's Attempt to Make Us All Pilots

Ethan Trex

"Mark my words: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come."

Why Did Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets?

Matt Soniak

This is sort of a trick question, as they technically didn’t wear “helmets,” but leather “flight caps” that covered the head and ears.

Why Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Authors On Banning Books

Roma Panganiban

The Molting, Mildly Revolting, Japanese Spider Crab

Chris Higgins