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Morning Cup of Links


The Early 2000s-Era Nokia 3310 May Be Returning to Stores

Michele Debczak

At $63, it will cost a lot less than a smartphone.

8 Architectural Wonders Built in the Name of Love

Luke Bather

Because sometimes flowers and a box of chocolates don’t quite cut it.

Send That Special Bibliophile a Valentine’s Day Message

Jennifer M Wood

The New York Public Library wants to play matchmaker for book lovers.

Photographer Creates Detailed Exoplanets Out of Styrofoam

Michele Debczak

Adam Makarenko takes a grade school science project to new heights.

14 Terms of Affection from Across the U.S.

Angela Tung

Looking for a way to spice up your love language?

Milner Library Is Digitizing the Colorful History of the Circus

Rebecca OConnell

As Big Top shows become scarce, this Illinois State University library is on a mission to preserve the legacy of traveling circus performers.

Morning Cup of Links: Happy Valentines Day!

Miss Cellania

Great links to begin a great day!

The Language of Flowers (and Why Carnations Are a No-No)

Mental Floss Studios

According to floriography—the language of flowers—each type and color of flower carries its own meaning.

Engineer Creates Working Mini Pipe Organ Made Entirely From Paper

Kirstin Fawcett

It's playable, too.

The History of the Conversation Heart

Erin Blakemore

Valentine's Day means chalky candy hearts with a lot to say. But what's behind these very loud little candies?

5 Questions: Be My "Valentine"

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10 Untranslatable Words to Describe Love in Other Languages

Shaunacy Ferro

In Portuguese, there's a specific word for the feeling of running your fingers through someone's hair.

Burger King Israel is Offering a Very Adult Happy Meal

Jake Rossen

The blindfold is presumably so you can't see how much junk food you're shoveling in your mouth.