Don't look stupid on Sunday

Will Pearson

  And I'm not talking about simply remembering to set your clock ahead an hr.

Why do Autistic Folks get all the Cool Stuff?

Mangesh Hattikudur

As I was scouring New Scientist for good ideas, I noticed that some cats at M.I.T. are working on a device to alert autistic kids when their audience is getting bored, irritated or confused.

Jobs for Everyone (ii)

David K. Israel

If only this were an April Fool's joke: It seems Michael Eisner finally got a job--as host of his own CNBC show called (well what do you know), Conversations with Michael Eisner.

Best. Time-waster. Ever.


Speaking of Einstein, if you have any interest in putting words in his mouth, check out this new Internet plaything -- you can take the famous photo of him at the chalkboard and quite literally rewr

So a Polish guy walks into an IQ testing center...


This ought to interest the six people in the world who still find "dumb Polack" jokes funny "“ it turns out Poles are smarter than all the other Europeans, save the Germans and the Dut

Jobs for Everyone

David K. Israel

As Disney and Pixar continue to work out the details of their Monster deal, expected to be completed by the summer, I can't help but wonder if the acquisition is the direct result of Michael Eisn

Stem cells: a meaty issue


I have no doubt that NASCAR-flavored bacon will be a big hit with red-state folks, but what about those of us in the blue states who love a good cheeseburger "“ and also were moved by the "l

A wonderfully long list of long things

Will Pearson

After seeing the story this week on the new Guinness record for largest/longest buffett (510 different dishes on 500 feet of table), I stumbled into TheLongestListofTheLongestStuff AtTheLongestDomainN

Wake up and Smell the Nascar!

Mangesh Hattikudur

Not sure if you guys read about this, but BoingBoing was reporting today that NASCAR has launched a new line of meat products (their slogan is "Taste the Excitement.") It's true!

Snooze Radio

Mangesh Hattikudur

Sometimes I forget what a crafty genius I am in the morning.

Hooters Airlines: A Failure Not Without Precedent

David K. Israel

Sad news for anyone who enjoys air travel or has ever thought a stripper was hitting on him: after three short years flying the friendly skies, Hooters Airlines is discontinuing public service.

Cartesian Freakonomics


Today is the 410th birthday of noted French philosopher and mathematician Rene "I think therefore I am" Descartes.

Doggy Day Camp

Mangesh Hattikudur

This AP story, which is presumably headlined "Pet Boarding Industry Finds Pampering Pays" because the title "People Willing to Pay $78 a Night So Their Dogs Can Have Storytime Are Idiot

Morning Cup of Links: Dogs Caught in the Act

Miss Cellania

Spice It Up

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