Weekend Word Wrap: SCRABBLE

David K. Israel

I turned on the TV the other day and they were showing Rosemary's Baby.

And don't even think about throwing that spitball


People, people, people! We gave you a homework assignment earlier this week -- are we going to have to fail you out?

Idiot of the Day: Now, twice as stupid!


Here I go with the "being an idiot about the Idiot of the Day" thing again -- I forgot yesterday's. Which means, to make up for it, we get two stories of stupidity today!

Found Objects

David K. Israel

In case you missed the debut of Found Objects last week, the idea of this feature is pretty simple: I'll be posting some sort of visual representation of an object, equation, theory or idea that

mental_floss fashion week: Curse my metal body!


Judging by the breathless reaction to the Balenciaga show yesterday, the Next Big Thing will be dressing like C-3PO.

You can't find Willard Wigan's art in a haystack...


... because it's the size of a needle, or more accurately, the size of the eye of a needle or, sometimes, a pin or a fishhook or a safety pin.

The Early Favorites in '07

Jason English

I can't tell you who's going to win this year's World Series.

Absurdly large cats

Ransom Riggs

Ever since I got a kitten, people have been coming out of the woodwork with cat-rearing advice. The #1 tip I hear?

Model citizens

David K. Israel

As Mary's fantastic posts point out, we're all about fashion this week here at the _floss.

Too Cool

Mangesh Hattikudur

I saw this on Neatorama, and figured it simply had to be posted about"¦ Finally, you can make ice cubes that look like Legos!

Who you callin' a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist?


Given the recent controversy over our use of the word "mad" to describe a particular scientist (albeit one whose work we admired), we thought we'd take a moment this week to plumb that

mental_floss Fashion Week: We love Paris


We at mental_floss may not be able to squeeze into European-size-36 pants (we need at least a 38), but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate Paris Fashion Week, which is ongoing -- and which

We're guessing he didn't use the flash button


Kane Quinnell bought a new camera and, just for kicks, thought he'd take a couple of outdoor shots when a storm rolled in. He ended up with this pic of lightning frying his neighbor's

American conquistador

Ransom Riggs

William Walker may have been one of the 19th century's most brilliant minds.

Who's on first?

David K. Israel

In honor of the MLB playoffs, which started yesterday, I thought I'd "throw out" a few quirky factoids that make the game our true "American Pastime." Of the four major sp