Documentaries I Like: Sherman's March

Chris Higgins

This post is the start of a new occasional feature on my favorite documentaries. I'm a huge documentary fan, and will share some of my favorites with you, perhaps once every week or two.

Water hammer


I'm not sure how many of you out there were proximal to the NYC steam pipe explosion, but I from what I hear it was pretty traumatizing.

Friday Happy Hour: Amazing Pet Tricks

Jason English

By now you've probably heard of Oscar, the magical Rhode Island cat who can smell death coming hours away.

In the Can: 6 Canned Foods We're Reluctant to Try

Jason Plautz

With hurricane season almost upon us, it's time to start stocking up on bottled water, extra batteries and canned food. But why stick to just beans and corn?

Solar ovens and solar coffee

Ransom Riggs

Solar ovens aren't a new phenomenon, but with the worldwide interest in alternative energy growing, new attention is being focused on them.

Weekend Word Wrap: the good word from customer service

David K. Israel

Jason had a great post earlier this year about his experience with his cell phone provider's customer service dept.

Beached limos


It's with a fair amount of chagrin that I admit I've never been inside a limo.

Inc. Magazine Officially Declares That Will Is Cooler than Me

Mangesh Hattikudur

Ouch! I had an inkling he was cooler than me, but seeing it in print is rough.

The Items We Carry

Chris Higgins

We've previously covered On My Desk, a blog which shows creative workspaces.

My Gigantic Rock: A Closer Look

Jason English

Several people* asked to see more pictures of my pet rock, whose potential removal I wrote about Tuesday.

How walkable is your neighborhood?

Ransom Riggs

I move a lot. Can't tell you why -- bad luck, maybe, or a naturally nomadic disposition.

IQ-tips: quick meals anyone? anyone?

David K. Israel

Because we're still up to our ears in boxes in our new home, with half the kitchen still MIA (note to self: when moving next time, be a little more liberal when labeling boxes.

What were you up to, Benjamin Blood?


I've always been transfixed by anyone with the surname Blood, and Benjamin Paul Blood (1832-1919) is no exception.

De-Garfed: Modified Garfield Cartoons

Chris Higgins

Today I shall share one of my favorite little-known links: the De-Garfed Community on LiveJournal. The principle here is to take real Garfield cartoons and remove Garfield's thought bubbles.

How To: Join the Amish

Maggie Koerth-Baker

How To Is Now 100% Desert Island-Free! YOU WILL NEED Fortitude A strong desire to get out of the rat race A beard (guys